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My next book, "Life After a Pandemic" is now published

The 72 page paper back edition is available now and the $4.69 ebook version, which I recommend due to the live links and frequent updates, will publish June 1. Available through Amazon or bookstores.


Using Aldi with their delivery service, excellent experience

Whether because of the pandemic or just to avoid the trip to town we have been using Aldi's delivery service, just go the the local Aldi store online.

This week we had Julie Hall as our shopper. She did a great job communicating about items which weren't available and any options.

You can IM your shopper while they are in the store getting your items but everything isn't always in stock.

Thanks again Julie, your service in these rough times is appreciated.

Sub $100 UVC light kills virus

NOT on skin - also, will blind you permanently, so this is on a timer and on a remote control - you put it in a room with things to sterilize and leave the 60watt UVC light on for an hour or less - it kills bacteria, virus, small bugs, etc. There are several on Amazon identical 2020 version 60W UVC light bars.

Punxsy Hospital comming fully back on line

“We will be populating our surgical schedule beginning May 11th for a ‘back to normal operation”, announced Dr. Kyle Lingenfelter, Chief of Surgery at the Punxsutawney Area Hospital.

My articles about covid-19


COVID-19 Life and Death facts and recommendations https://newsblaze.com/usnews/health/commentary-covid-19-life-and-death-facts-and-recommendations_162097/


IBM/weather channel has a zipCODE-level map of infections. Go to WC app or weather.com and click on the COVID tab

Louisiana (very warm to hot) now has the fastest infection growth IN THE WORLD all because of a megachurch which is ignoring the danger. Minister told his flock “God will protect you but ONLY if you come to church (and keep tithing).”

WH says avoid crowds of 10 or more. PA closes all nonessential businesses

Airlines and buses will close, businesses will close, the economy is about to collapse. Nothing the Fed can do will help - money and interest rates don't matter if no stores are open. Trump FINALLY stopped blowing smoke, admitted coronavirus is out of control everyplace. Many governors have done much more than Trump. The number of infected goes up 30% every day, doubles every 3 days. Still very few tests available. Walmart and Amazon delivery are mostly out of food and paper products.

See my medical blog for information https://criticalmedicalnews.blogspot.com/

As POTUS continues to spread misninformation Govt. in chaos

The third in my series of articles about the U.S. response to pandemic. WH doctor says Trump doesn't need to be tested. Trump says he has been tested. Shaking hands and standing close to people after he was exposed to COVID-19 4 times, he suggests this is the hoax he kept claiming. Survey shows 53% of Republicans don't believe this is dangerous. Three weeks ago U.S. REFUSED test kits offered by WHO.



Ohio Gov. says 100,000 infected in his state number doubling every week.

Only an estimate but likely accurate. Can PA have any fewer undetected infections? No tests available so no one can be certain. Even some young and healthy getting severely ill. President Trump says nothing is wrong, it will all go away. Yea, along with a million dead.

February First warning

Gov. Wolf closed all K-12 schools for two weeks. President Trump declared a national disaster, but denied having any responsibility for the slow response and said he need not follow the self-isolation that everyone else is supposed to follow after he was exposed to COVID-19. He also denied any knowledge of the White House Pandemic response taskforce which he closed three years ago.

I have contacted several churches and the single response was from the Salvation Army which only said they would follow government recomendations. But which govt? The Ohio govenor who closed all schools, or the government which keeps insisting this is a hoax and millions of tests are avaiable for everyone who asks?

It's time for some moral leadership but I haven't been able to find it, only clueless followership.

Medicare is (very unfortunately since those on medicare are the most at risk) downplaying the threat but is also saying Part B covers a COVID-19 test so if you are on Medicare you can get the test paid for.

The detailed but non technical explanation is on my medical web site https://criticalmedicalnews.blogspot.com/ but the fact is that the common cold is also a coronavirus and there is no vaccine after 50 years work, even worse you don't even develop immunity from catching it. You could catch a coronavirus over and over.

This is still early but it now appears this virus will kill up to 5 or even 10 times more people than the yearly flu, or about one in fifty who catch it. That could mean 350,000 deaths in the U.S. Hospitals hav enough powered respirators for nearly 10,000 total. Respirators keep severely ill patients alive while their immune system fights the infection.

It is time to start stockpiling food and medicine as the virus spreads from Californai across the nation and events are cancelled. Schools may be closed, even stores.


Which Flu Mask Should I buy to protect my family?

A major study found that the expensive N95 masks are no more effective than cheaper medical masks used by doctors in surgery. With N95 masks now in short supply and priced out of the reach of average people it is good to know that if any mask will protect you then the cheaper ones work just as well for a virus. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/09/190903134732.htm

Is the long awaited recession finally here?

The coronavirus threat is actually fighting climate change. Business and travel are so reduced that pollution in China is measurably lower than a month ago. The big problem is that the Federal Reserve usually fights recessions by lowering interest rates (already less than inflation), tax cuts (we just had a gigantic one which plunged the US into a $trillion debt), or public spending.

But unemployment is already at the lowest in history and with the gigantic public debt the Government can't use public spending without crashing the value of the US Dollar.

The DOW could drop 10,000 points - remember the trade wars have almost killed off big farms and it hasn't ended - even if it had there is no shipping or air traffic into or out of Asia.

105 U.S. children now dead from the flu

105 U.S. children now dead from the flu, not the coronavirus, the regular flu. This is one of the worst flu years with a strain that targets those under 20 most heavily. Of course, if 80% of everyone got the flu vaccine then it wouldn't spread, saving tens of thousands each year. Experts estimate about 45,000 Americans will be killed by the yearly influenza this year. Getting the vaccine is the same as for measles, it doesn't just protect YOU, it protects society.

99% effective shingles vaccine at Medicine Shoppe for those who ordered it

Those who have ordered and reserved a dose of the shingles vaccine should contact The Medicine Shoppe office where the order was placed. on 2/20/ I was informed by the head pharmacist that a limited shipment had been received. He asked that those who haven't ordered the vaccine quite a while ago not call - THERE ARE NO EXTRA DOSES and therefore none for walk-ins..

Tax facts

I recommend you file very quickly to avoid identity theft but most won't or can't do that.

So, here is what the IRS never advertises. Tax deadline is NOT Aprtil 15, that is the day you need to pay or make arrangements to pay what you think you will owe, if anything. Form 4868 takes about 30 seconds to fill out and file - that gives everyone a 6 month extension and some suspect a lower risk of audit since quotas will be filled.

As for doing your taxes, if your income is under $69,000 which is most area residents, you can file for free using IRS tax software. IRS Free-e File

One word of warning - if there isn't a dot Gov (.gov) address it isn't the IRS, it is some company selling something.

COVID-19 continues in news reports, but the OFFICIAL name is now SARS-CoV-2 no more dangerous than yearly flu

Now there are enough reports. Death rate from this new pandemic is no higher than with the yearly influenza which always kills tens of thousands in U.S. alone so if you are scared of this new one time virus you should be absolutely terrified of the yearly flu. This latest information has already been posted to my critical medical news blog.

My Kindle book Coronavirus 2019nCoV How to Protect Your Family (a lay explanation of the corona virus threat of epidemic which applies also to yearly flu) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B084BMZZBF is going into a second edition which will include much more information about the symptoms (so you can recognize if you have the infection and get to a hospital) along with the newly discovered treatment which should save thousands of lives.

Details at https://criticalmedicalnews.blogspot.com/


Pudliner Packing (Johnstown) has been accused by FDA inspectors of inhumane killing of meat cattle in their butchering operation. PETA is calling for criminal charges potentially under the new Federal animal abuse laws.


Why EVERYONE Needs to File Tax Return ASAP!! Seriously!

Why file early? Even if you later need to file a corrected form file ASAP so hackers can't steal your return refund. EVEN IF YOU DON'T EXPECT A REFUND FILE ASAP! Sounds silly? No, because a thief will file a false return claiming deductions you don't really have and they will put you in deep dodo with the IRS and that could cost legal fees as well as penalties. 

BTW, April 15 is NOT the filing deadline, contrary to Judge Judy's often repeated mistake. EVERYONE gets a free automatic 3 month extension (form 4868), just pay any estimated tax.

If you file early to beat the hackers and discover you made a mistake because of a late 1099 or something, just file a 1040X.

ALSO, if you want to avoid an audit file in October, people will be going on vacation, their audit quota will probably already be filled, and Govt workers are like everyone else except those in retail, they slow down for the holidays.


New aps offer to tell you what your IRS refund will be. Share your SS# with me too  Hey guys, pay attention, those "free" aps offering something to do with your tax return and possible refund? Are you STUPID? How about sending ME YOUR secret Social Security Number? Send along your birthdate and mother's birth name too. (NEVER MIND, YOU ALREADY PUT THOSE ON FACEBOOK) THAT WAS A SARCASTIC POST!

The 2019CoV Chinese coronavirus is in the news daily but so far it has not killed a single person in the U.S. 

Book sample, Protect Your Family from the coronavirus

The regular yearly flu has already caused 8,200 deaths just in the U.S. and the flu season has barely gotten going. So while people panic about a possible Chinese pandemic don't ignore the influenza vaccine which WILL save lives and this year's flu will IS! already spreading widely.

But the regular flu isn't "sexy" enough for TV so you don't hear about the hundreds of U.S. citizens dead every day from the preventable flu.

If you skip the vaccine because you think you have a super immune system or can boost your own health by taking megadoses of vitamins or zinc or some herbs then you are a perfect example of the old saying, "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing."

One way the flu kills is by activating strong immune systems - see below.

NOTE: You may see complaints online that the CDC overestimates influenza deaths, suggesting the real number so far is only about 2,000 and 56 of those were children (ONLY??). But the nearly 9,000 deaths were all in people who had the flu and probably would be alive if they hadn't been infected.

There are expert estimates that of those 9,000 about 7,000 would have survived if they had been vaccinated this year. Some were is such poor health that even a mild case of the flu could have resulted in death.

But while the terrible post WWI flu killed 30+ million before modern medicine, since 2010 an average of 20,000 die of complications of the yearly flu every year in the US, 55,000 in the 2014-2015 season - 61,000 last year.

EVen if you don't mind getting the flu, being vaccinated helps stop the spread and saves other lives especially children and the elderly.

If you think you have a super immune system or can boost your own health by taking megadoses of vitamins or zinc or some herbs then you are a perfect example of the old saying, "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing." While it is true that you can boost your immune system, it isn't true that it would protect you from catching the flu and even worse, every year the flu kills very healthy younger people precisely BECAUSE they are young, fit, and have strong immune systems. You see one way the flu kills is by overexciting a strong immune system into producing TOO MANY protective cytokines which produce something called a cytokine storm that causes fluid build up in the lungs and kills by causing the young, healthy, strong person to actually drown in their own fluids.


The CDC says this will be one of the worst flu seasons ever with 22,000 already hospitalized) and will kill many children (28 already). 

The 19-20 vaccine covers three strains of influenza virus (CDC).

Those over 65 get a much stronger vaccine because our immune systems are weaker.Many flu deaths occur due to the body's immune system overreaction causing a "cytokine storm" See my article on this and possible treatments. Statin drugs can also help reduce over active immune responses.


Gov. Wolf increases jail time for slavery (yes, there are still slaves in the U.S.)

Gov Tom Wolf signed new, stronger white slave bill making the definition of child in sex trafficing from 16 to 18

PA region with most fracking also has dramatic # of extremely rare cancers (Ewing's Sarcoma 70% survival rate) A cancer you've never heard of MUST be linked to the "secret" chemicals used in fracking. Wall St. Journal  


Teens identified as Brookville High students in horrific 30-second deer torture video, WICU reports one was ID'd by Brookville police chief Vince Markle as his 18-yr. old stepson, other student is 16.


President Trump's 2020 budget saves $10 billion by kicking sick and disabled people off Social Security Disability. The administration ended SNAP benefits for 668, 000 poor on December 5. Another rule change would deny 3 million people SNAP food benefits. Analysis by an independent UK news service.   Proposed Trump 2020 budget.



Premium dog food scam?? The latest premium dog food ads tout fresh meat, fresh fish, and fresh veggies - the table scraps were told 20 years ago not to feed dogs. They presume customers stupid or just gullible. http://t.ly/peJ7O

================ FREE TV and MOVIES=======================

In addition to the million plus free books, audiobooks, and movies on the Free on Internet (top of this page), check out Pluto TV with 900+ totally free channels No credit card needed, no bank info, no payments, just actually completely FREE (with commercials, of course) with something for everyone. Fewer commercials than broadcast TV, even some local ones from Punxy/DuBois area.



Quick review - Biggie's Quality Meat (119 between Punxy and DuBois) Great service, terrific meat, try the leek sausage! WARNING, closed Mondays, despite schedule on some of their web site (e.g. Value Packs).


Find Punxy Phil photos by clicking above at Photos Here

and links to millions of free books and movies at FREE on Internet


GM recalls 500k pickup trucks due to fire risk. Search by VIN.


Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act

Formerly S.654

Animal cruelty now a Federal Felony 

Even distribution of animal cruelty videos can get you up to 7 years as a guest of Uncle Sam.

This does not apply to hunting, ranching, or slaughter for food. 

--------------- Dog age vs Human new scientific study--------------

New scientificly accurate dog vs human age. Dogs mature very fast at first then slow down.

Dog        Human

15 yrs Dog 74.3 yrs Human  10-D  67.8-H   9-D  66.2-H 

8-D 64.3-H   7-D 62.1-H   6-D 59.7-H  5-D 56.8-H 

4-D 53.2-H  3-D 48.6-H  2-D 42-H   1-D 31-H

-------------Hospital Price Lists------------------

Here are the Punxy Hospital price lists. Insurance pays a lot for many people and prices can be flexible, but now you can compare with DuBois prices for the same procedure.    Chargemaster      DRG

Penn Highlands (DuBois, Brookville, Clearfield and elsewhere)

Prices:    Chargemaster    DRG

One example Heartfailure and shock PAH $12,420 Penn H. $19,339




SEEN a Dog being kept outdoors? The new dog law protecting animals in PA dog tethering in extreme temperatures is illegal as is it illegal for a tethered dog to be left unattended outdoors for more than nine hours within a 24-hour period.

Under Libre's Law, a dog cannot be left leashed for longer than 30 minutes in cold weather temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheint or above 90.















--------------local Child Porn arrest (link) ----------------

WJAC-TV reported that in October 59-year-old Peter Hayes was charged with at least 20 counts of child pornography. Further reports say the actiion was prompted by multiple tips from Microsoft Corp. Hayes' home and business at 678 Fordham Road were searched based on a warrant issued to find evidence of child pornography. A policeman told 15767.com Hayes reportedly said he had been viewing child port for years. Hayes was given his rights and police say he agreed to speak. He told police he had images of children between 6 and 9 years of age on his computer. He was promply arrested and jailed on $25k bond. Microsoft monitors Bing searches and Hayes reportedly told police he used Bing and Google to find child porn.

Additional info at ExploreJefferson and elsewhere on the web.


Local news, the 300k gallon punxy water tower is a finalist in annual continental water tower decoration contest placing on the Tnemec annual calendar. https://www.tnemec.com/about/tankoftheyear/ Get a free calendar.


Impeachment will be in the news for months so what do you really know about it?mpeachment equals indightment, it is a civil act


Impeachment, what it is and what it isn't.

------------------------------------------------------------------------BULLETIN Chronic Wasting Disease.

One of the big concerns is how to clean (decontaminate) knives or meat processing equipment such as grinders, or surfaces of any processing station. Research by Rocky Mountain Labs shows bleach is all you need. Soaking equipment in a 40 percent solution of ordinary household bleach for five minutes is enough to destroy the prions which are the cause of CWD. Even cooking to 400 degrees for an hour won't destroy prions.


For Sale by John McCormick, Hamilton. Contact pressone@gmail.com

Automotive tools as a set - sheet metal shrinker stretcher (Eastwood), air chisel, QSA Torsion Unloading tool Compatible with MANY GMC/Chevy Applications, 7-inch grinder, 5-inch rotating vice, heavy duty 2T Sears jack, air tools - straight line sander, orbital sander, ¾ in impact wrench, 8 car wheel dollies move car or trucks on concrete floors. list $850, asking $500

Snap-on truck king pin press (not hydraulic) heavy (abt 60 lbs.) anvil, 3/4 and drive socket set. $150.  

Celestron C5 1250mm spotting scope like new with custom foam case, spotting scope, AND $150 corrector Celestron Reducer / Corrector f/6.3. #94175 Creates flat field, increases F to f/6.3 and cuts focal length. list price $660 ($550+$110 for flat field lens) asking $500  (link to item on amazon)  

Alexander Arms Beowulf .50 Cal. AWS AR-15 frame, 100 rounds of ammo from 335 gr. to 400 gr. And 200 gr. Polycase ARX. Tank style muzzle brake reduces kick. All custom, 3-6 mo order time. Includes optics,AOTOP 2.5-10x40 Tactical Rifle Scope Dual Illuminated Mil-dot with Red Laser, Rail Mount and 4 Reticle Red and Green Dot Open Reflex Sight, cleaning kit and magazines. Fired 20 rounds, asking $1800. https://youtu.be/b6gzQ2b7YMQ

Mini Segway, barely used, never ridden past beginner/trainer mode. Max user weighjt 200 lbs. Includes BOTH knee and handlebar controls. SEGWAY miniPRO Smart Self Balancing Transporter 2018 Edition 14 Mile Range NEW $600 asking $350 


..........There is more to Punxsutawney than a royal rodent, this is quintessential small town America.........

WJAC-TV is reporting that 59-year-old Peter Hayes has been charged with at least 20 counts of child pornography. Hayes home and business at 678 Fordham Road were searched based on a warrant issued to find evidence of child pornography.

NEWS and REVIEWS Without Fear or Favor

Stay tuned for reviews of some local doctors including prices over insurance. 




Ever wonder what your child's favorite (or least favorite) teacher makes? It is a public record, just go here.

Courtesy York Daily Record


Just enter district name and county for full list.


BTW, if your young student or an older adult wants a world class education for free or just some tutorials, check out Kahn Academy. K through college for free.


Is ASPCA really helping animals, or helping themselves? CEO salary for 2018? $852,231 according to Animals 24-7.org "At the end of 2017, the ASPCA claimed $273 million in assets. Chief executive Matthew Bershadker took home $804,372 in pay for the year, including a bonus of $276,000, and received benefits of $47,859, for total compensation of $852,231."

$56 Million is spent on those tear jerking TV ads yearly.

I donate directly to local shelters - used to own and run one myself. 


Former excellent County Market now Shop 'n Save rapidly falling standards.

It is obvious enough that there is trouble here because they cut hours drastically (which is fine with me, no one here shops at 1 am.) but they are also advertising for new employees, you might think that all those from night shift would just move to day shift. 

Unfortunately the quality control is also failing rapidly 

NEW Sept. 25 I bought a pork loin, nice quality, cheap, perfect. Unfortunately, also bought several bags of potatoes and when I reached into the first bag I got a handfull of slime from a totally rotten potato. An unpleasant experience to say the least and powerful indication of poor quality control. In two decades previous that never happened once in that store.

The produce quality has plunged. back a few months ago I bought 2 bags of Sunkist lemons on Thursday 5/3, one bag was OK, the other had 5 rotten lemons. I bought 2 cauliflower, one was OK, the other was badly rotted, not just the minor surface black fungus you often see, but black liquid rot to the center, but not visible because of the wrap. Others should post, was this just my bad luck that half the produce I bought was spoiled?

Since buying chicken breasts a few months ago and finding them slimy I no longer buy any meat which I think was cut and packaged at this store.

Not just my opinion (although I did work with Julia Child and grew up in a hotel run by my parents) slimy chicken is spoiled chicken.

I try them occasionally in case of improvement but have been disappointed every single time. I mostly shop at Aldi and Walmart now.






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