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COVID Long Haulers face lifetime of short breath and weakness

Whether you were a marathon runner, cheerleader, scholarship athlete, or housewife/husband, if you had even a mild case of COVID  there is a 3 in 10 (30%) chance that you will loose hair, feel extreme weakness doing simple tasks such as washing dishes or walking to the mail box. This is now an official medical condition, PASC post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2.

COVID causes heart and lung even brain damage which is likely to last a lifetime. People who are almost a year into PASC symptoms say it is important to accept that you are now a different person.

Since the COVID weakness, shortness of breath, and brain "fog" are due to physical damage there is no new drug which will help.

Since they weren't among the half-million dead, those facing a lifetime of pain and weakness may be regretting falling for the "fake" designation given COVID by the last administration and failing to protect themselves.

J&J Vaccine has next to last approval, could ship in days

If you think the J&J vaccine is not as good as the other two approved in the U.S., remember that zero of the people who have had it even went to the hospital - to them COVID if they got it, was a very mild cold-like event, not a deadly disease.

ALSO it is KNOWN to be effective against one or more of the dangerous varients, there is no proof yet that the others are equally effective.

On the other hand, one third world country's government has refused even free vaccines instead saying a ginger based tea is all the citizens of Tanzania will be getting.


It happened in Europe, it will happen here according to many experts. The decline in cases has already stopped and began trending up. 

The new mutation from the UK (B1.1..7) is extremely contagious and is spreading fast. Spring break is comming but even before that terrible spreading event we will probably see a fast doubling of cases, perhaps 3X as many as this week.

The ONLY way to save tens of thousands of lives is to reverse the opening up of our lives. IF 90% of Americans would wear masks all the time outside home we wouldn't even need the vaccines, but far too many refuse this simple way to save lives.

The vaccines all work against the UK varient but can't be produced and given quickly enough to stop what is probably the last big surge. Many more will die before the pandemic will end its grip on our country and the world.

J&J Vaccine headed for quick approval with 4 million doses ready to ship.

The johnson and Johnson COVID vaccine is 100% in preventing a case of COVID bad enough to require hospitalization. In other words the one-shot vaccine, which is known to be effective against the South African mutation of COVID, does not require special handling and doesn't require a second or booster injection.

The J&J version is expected to get fast emergency use approval adding a third vaccine to the approved U.S. COVID tools.

Jefferson Co had low turn out for free COVID testing, no plans for another event

Vaccine second dose warnings

Important things to know before you take your second dose.

Any side effects are very likely to be worse than you experienced from the first dose. Not dangerous, just unpleasant.

DO NOT pre-emptively take an NSAID pain reliever before the shot. it is OK after the shot.

DO NOT take any other vaccine around the same time (flu, etc.) because doctors don't know whether or not it is safe. Also, if you have any reaction doctors can't tell which vaccine caused it.



Vaccine deliveries not critical for second dose.

There are many shipping delays for the vaccines all due to weather. If you had the first and are worried about delaying the second, the Pfizer vaccine is 85%+ effective three weeks after the first dose. While it is important to get the second one to have more protection against all the various strains, missing it by a few weeks won't be a danger.

HS level hacker training from CMU - pico CTF

A gigantic job of the future is cybersecurity and learning to find Zero Day vulnerabilities. CMU, the world's top hacker community presents a beginner high school-level Capture the Flag contest which will lead you to NSA-level hacking skills Pico CTF . Auto-didactic training 

I have been a guest speaker at two Summercon's

Learn Python.


For those not aware this is white hat hacking, good hacking - police catch crooks by learning how crooks steal. picoCTF is a yearly contest.

BTW, the CMU hacker team broke RSA in 2003. For those who don't know, that's incredibly important since EVERYONE relies on RSA.

(IF you are interested in advanced computer skills, I am currently working on learning the latest quantum programming language - please contact me.)

How safe is your water? Small FL water system recently poisoned by hacker.

Small water systems use remote access so one or two engineers can monitor and control 4-5 systems daily because they don’t have enough work for a full-time engineer.

Just before the Super Bowl Oldsmar, a small town near Tampa, was attacked and a hacker raised the level of lye (NaOH) to a poisonous level - 1000x normal.

An engineer happened to see what was happening and stopped it otherwise there would have been many illnesses and probably deaths, especially children who, in a hot climate would be drinking a lot of iced water or mixes.

How safe is your town water system?

Russia has been regularly infiltrating water, sewer, power, and even cell phone systems for decades.

I have requested information/comments from the PAW system concerning cyber safety.

“$486,000 project to begin on Adrian Road in Young Township on May 15

Punxsutawney, Pa. (May 14, 2020) – Pennsylvania American Water announced today the start of construction to replace approximately 2,700 feet of aging water main in Young Township, Jefferson County. The approximately $486,000 upgrade also includes the replacement of three fire hydrants.

“This year, we are investing approximately $1.6 million to replace aging pipeline in our Punxsutawney system to help ensure reliable water service and fire protection for our customers for years to come,” said Pennsylvania American Water Senior Manager of Operations, Jon Natale.“ https://www.amwater.com/press-room/press-releases/pennsylvania/pennsylvania-american-water-announces-16-million-in-punxsutawneysystem-upgrades

Biden administration has ordered enough vaccine for all of U.S.

300 million vaccine doses will be available by July and combined with new expected vaccines or just the number already infected and recovered, that will be enough to achieve herd immunity in the U.S. by Fall or sooner.

New COVID strains much more deadly.

The first congressman has died of COVID - he obviously had the best medical care available anywhere. The UK COVID varient spreads 2-3X easier/faster than the original and is 35% more likely to result in death. Of course if you think it is a hoax you won't die of COVID, but you'll still suffer terribly for a few weeks and eventually die. A virus doesn't care if you believe in it. If you can get vaccinated or simply avoid contact then you will be helping stop the mutations which are turning more deadly by the week. But if the virus doesn't spread there will be no new mutations which may not be covered by the vaccines.

2020 Income Tax, file early to prevent theft - bigger deductions this year

Filing early is the best way to prevent identity theft and someone stealing your refund - even if you don't have one comming they can make giant deduction claims and steal your money anyway.

Standared deduction is now $12,400 for singles, up from $12,200, and $24,800 for married joint filers.

Teachers and some others can automatically deduct for special COVID expenses. 

The stimulus checks in 2020 were NOT early tax refunds, they were a federal tax credit like child tax credit only paid our in advance - they are NOT reportable income.

January 4, 2021 IRS: “the (stimulous) payment is not income and taxpayers will not owe tax on it. The payment will not reduce a taxpayer's refund or increase the amount they owe when they file their 2020 or 2021 tax return next year." If you are older treat it like SS and unless you make enough to have an accountant you don't even report it.

Library Director Jen Soliday told 15767.com that directors were meeting to look at how the library could open up more.

Citing the obvious fact that COVID has disrupted many things, including the library, she told your reporter that in a few weeks she expects to be able to outline "opening this library a little more in the next two weeks." We expect to report on this when new guidelines are available.

Animals including dogs and cats can catch COVID

This is rare, only three or four confirmed cases in PA but if your pet starts showing signs such as developing a cough - it can pass COVID to others so warn your Vet before a visit, although the is really nothing they can do and most animals don't get very ill so a visit can probably wait for a few weeks.

Ransomware (encrypting a business or govt. database and holding it hostage) is common even in small communities.

If you are in govt. or work for a company large enough to have a database ssytem you might want to pass along this latest ransomware warning.


COVID vaccine facts. ANY Vaccine will save your life.

When you hear that the new one shot J&J vaccine is only 65% effective you need to remember it is 99.9% effective in keeping you out of the hospital and alive. Think of it like this, there is a ⅔ chance you won’t even catch COVID and 999/1000 chance you will only have mild symptoms at worst. J&J also takes full effect a month sooner than the two shot variants. Instead of serious lung damage you essentially have a mild case of flu, not a case of DEATH. Wear the damn mask, take the damn vaccine, save grandmaw, save your disabled neighbor, save your job, save the country!

Is college a massive con by a proven fradulent system? For many it is the worst investment you'll ever make.

60% of EMPLOYED college graduates are NOT working in the field they studied. The average student debt is $30,000 with many borrowing $50K or more and takes decades to pay off trapping them in debt FOR PUBLIC schools. Private Universities and other top schools cost far more.

A UNESCO study found rampant fraud, abuse, and waste in University businesses. For example, many college presidents make salaries equal to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies with sports coaches earning millions. That money all comes from govt. research AND student fees.

Unless you are entering a profession you don't need a college degree. If you're going to be an engineer or scientist then you need college AND get great paying jobs. If you study art history, get a real job and study art nights and weekends - eating real food, owning new cars, and not living in your parent's basement. Not being deep in debt means you can vacation at The Louve. 

Highly misleading vaccination numbers being used.

COVID is dangerous. You need to wear a mask to protect yourself and others. New mutations are here already because we didn't get it under control soon enough. HOWEVER the 21 million vaccinations given number is highly misleading. Yes only 6 million have had two doses, 21 million have had one dose and have some protection but the number protected from COVID is actually about 100 million.

25 million were certified infected which means in a hospital with a special test. Actual number infected was 3-5 times MORE. 

If you had and survived COVID you are as immune as the best vaccine so about 100 million are ALREAY protected.

Don't be the last person to die of COVID, protect yourself, especially since children are now being severely damaged by the new strains.

New attention to climate change. Amazon Prime members can read my book for free.

Volume I of my climate change series skips over blame and even how we can fight climate change. Instead I look at how you can protect your family and your finances from the inevitable climate change disaster. Central PA is only going to see some changes in planting and harvesting along with pressure from people fleeing moving coast lines.

People are getting 30 year mortgages on coastal properties which will be under water in 25 years bankrupting them and the local banks giving mortgages.

"Preparing for Climate Change: Coastal flooding will cost the U.S. billions of dollars within two decades."paperback second editionhttps://www.amazon.com/dp/1082060615   or ebook https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07TYTG6ZC

The Courier-Express reports the Punxsutawney Library has a new director.

Alex's report is that "Jen Soliday returned to Punxsutawney for the position as the library director following the resignation of the previous director, Jessica Church." t.ly/Wt9Q

Groundhog Day 2021 cancelled as far as visitors go

The Groundhog Club has announced that there will be no public events this coming year but the shadow viewing itself will be televised. I have no further information because the club absolutely refuses to communicate with me - not just failing to cooperate with my Kindle guide to GHD, but actually refusing any information. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B083NZ98JJ

FedX no longer reliable because they are using contract trucking companies not regular authorized employees.

Recently with a dusting of snow drivers refused to attempt delivery two days in a row. It was critical being furnace parts. After investigating I learned it wasn't real FedX drivers but some company I had never heard of. It certainly isn't easy to get through to the company but when I did the dispatcher in DuBois was extremely helpful spending a lot of time getting the package delivered finally. The problem, of course, is that I can no longer trust FedX because their carefully investiaged drivers may not be carrying the packages. Trust at your own risk.


Medical journal results on COVID treatments open access

"Safety and Immunogenicity of Two RNA-Based Covid-19 Vaccine Candidates"


"Remdesivir for the Treatment of Covid-19 — Final Report"



if you are still favoring Hydroxy (Which President Trump DIDN'T take, just suggested YOU take):

"Effect of Hydroxychloroquine in Hospitalized Patients with Covid-19"


Hint, it doesn't do anything but cause heart problems for some people.

Shop with amazon smile, donate to Punxy Hospital

USE the Smile.Amacon.com option and 5% of your purchase goes to charity - we use the Punxsutawney Hospital. Costs you nothing more, pick a charity and get shopping

The Worried Little Puppy children's book 8x11 inches or kindle

Our latest book is a children's book featuring real photographs instead of the usual drawings. "The Tale of a Worried Little Puppy"

$2.99 kindle, $6.99 in paperback.

A children’s book about tolerance and how a little puppy worries about finding a home because she is different.

She doesn’t know why she is different and on the last page we learn she was born without a tail so she can’t wag her tail to tell others she is friendly.

Along the way she makes new friends with very different looking dogs and other animals, finds a happy home, but never learns why her brothers used to make fun of her.

She is never neglected, never in danger, and never really frightened, just worried so there is nothing to frighten even the youngest child..

Visitors guide to Groundhog Day

My GHD book is free to download today (Sat.) since all the same places are still there in the Summer. Visitor's guide to Groundhog Day (best as an ebook) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B083NZ98JJ

Journalism can be dangerous even out in rural areas

We get threats daily and I know some are serious because they come from people who think it is OK to risk other lives by not wearing a mask 

An Amazon package (food) was delivered by tossing it on the ground next to a puddle. Close to an open but covered porch and a cart with a large sign "please place packages in this cart." Apparently the driver hasn't noticed or didn't care it was raining off and on. No damage, although the box was getting soaked.

I get threats on social media - this probably, PROBABLY wasn't connected but we have to be concerned whether a USPS driver doesn't know it is raining, or if someone tampered with it after delivery.

1 sentence news (mostly)

COVID-19 cases are increasing on many counties but no drastic surge, YET.


Mayor Alexander says the Rebel flag flown on private property near the police station has been removed.


The car show at Carlisle is being asked to close because having 100,000 people gathering at the small venue, even an outdoor car show, is considered very dangerous by the Department of Health. On TV the spokesperson and a number of vendors are shown not wearing masks even though doctors say they should be mandatory because you are 5 times less likely to catch or pass along COVID wearing a mask.


Supreme Court 6 to 3, lead by Trump conservative justice Gorsuch, said today (6/15/2020) you can not discriminate against LGBTQ


LATEST COVID NEWS, It appears masks aren't enough, you can catch this through aerosol droplets striking your eyes.


A resurgence of the first phase of the pandemic has begun with states opening recently now showing massive infection numbers. Arizona is out of ICU space already.


We are now in the first wave and only New York City has crossed the top to start down.Everyone else, EVERYONE including PA is likely to be hit hard with 180,000 dead by September, and likely another wave much worse unless we all wear masks all the time out of our homes.


Massive hack of Nintendo Switch - Change your password NOW.


COVID-19 cases surging in 22 states. ERs packed, ICUs almost full in Las Vegas and 10 other cities.


Most platients in the ICU are so Vitamin C deficient that they technically have scurvey. C is consumed rapidly when the body fights an infection.

Possibile vaccine by end of this year.

still no response from Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce won't respond to me, I want to know if they have looked at the financial risk to vendors if they go ahead with the July event and people don't come out of fear of COVID (whether or not it really is dangerous. I probably wouldn;t be as annoyed if I didn't used to pay dues to the CoC.

That's happened on the Jersey Shore, businesses got ready, paid staff, opened up, and almost no one came except the kids with the least money to spend.


Physical library - 10,000 books. Online Library 2,000,000, archive.org

I used to support libraries but they are becoming obsolete with so many millions of books avaiable for free online and even audio books on You tube.

You KNOW Amazon will have that book you want. If it is a classic Archive.org has it.

I donated 100+ technology books to IUP library decades ago and they were well received.

But when I donated the books I personally wrote to the Punxsy PUBLIC Library they were discarded - that was a while ago and fortunately today there are millions of books and movies online free skip the middleman.

There was even a recent Australian academic study which determined that most physical libraries would close and librarian was a dead end career path with almost no job openings by the end of the century. This was a study about the top 10 worst career paths for the next two decades.

USA TODAY called Librarian one of the top 8 dead end careers. https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/careers/2017/10/13/8-jobs-that-wont-exist-in-2030/104219994/

I currently have about 11,000 volumes in my personal library and weekly issues of Science and Nature, along with some first editions but I am not enthusiastic about donating them now that social distancing will be vital for years if we want; to stay healthy.

This is especially so since there is so much free online.

Check the FREE on Internet link at the top of the page. Boost the internet. How much would it cost to have all of downtown on WiFi? What's the Library budget?




Do you have relatives who are isolated or just far away? Have you tried video conferencing? It sounds complicated but it you are reading this then you probably already have VC software on your device. At most if you have a Personal Computer you already have or can download Skype for free and if it is a laptop then it already has a microphone and probably a camera. 

You don't need to risk your health going to some building to video conference.a

If it is an old PC, a good combination camera and microphone will cost about  $15 at Amazon or Walmart (you can get them delivered).

You can also make phone calls to regular tgelephones using Skype and not turn on the camera.

For a few dollars a month you can make unlimited video or plain phone calls in the US and Canada using your computer, tablet, Kindle, or other device which accesses the internet.

Google also has a free video conferencing application.

Zoom also works for free but is better for IM or instant messaging

Skype and is generally better for arranging a family phone/video call such as a weekly meeting to cheer up an elderly family member or a birthparty, or even a holiday.

Skype is Microsoft program so is found on most PCs from the factory and all Skype to Skype calls are free - I talk with my editor in Australia via Skype. You only need to pay something if you call a regular phone from skype - you can also get a phone number for Skype so home or business phones can call you directly like a regular telephone.





Rebel Flag Removed From Near Civic Center

Punxsutawney Mayor Richard Alexander told this reporter that the rebel (confederate battle flag) which was on a house next to the Police station was recently removed. He provided no further details but it is easy understand that he must be incredibly busy trying to deal not only with the normal problems but also the threat of a pandemic which has so far spared us here in west central PA but still must be planned for.

COVID Cases surge in VT after they did real testing. PA doesn't report probable cases

The reason PA and probably Jefferson Co. aren't reporting high numbers is simple.Turns out they are only reporting positive lab tests.They aren't reporting probable cases so no one is being tested if they are non-symptomatic. When Vermont did a big test after Memorial day they found 60 new cases in one day in one group. WHO made a mistake yesterday, asymptomatic people CANspread the virus fairly quickly. Oh, BTW, the tests aren't very accurate anyway, some miss half the infections, the best misses 10-20%

A number of the hot states do report probable cases, but many, including many which are reported as having declining cases do NOT fully report.

Dr. Fauci is in a complete panic, today he called it his "worst neightmare" and that is the guy who managed ebola and MERS.

Law and Order President Defunds Local Police Departments.

While saying he opposes cuts, President Trump is actually defunding police depts, RIGHT NOW. Trump and the Senate are refusing emergency funds to hard hit states. Hard hit states cut budgets of police, fire, EMS, etc. Therefore the law and order President is NOW defunding police directly.

No reply from chamber of commerce What if COVID is hot in Pittsburgh or Philly?

I've requested any planning information for events this summer including changes or possible changes due to the pandemic. Although I used to be a member of The Chamber of Commerce they haven't replied yet so no official updates. The last update on the summer festival plans was a GO signal from the CoC on 5/29 and no information about what happens if there is a surge in COVID cases as expected by every expert in the world.

What I wanted to ask the Chamber was if they knew approximately how many people attended the festival who are from cities or even out of state.

That matters because although we have been spared COVID to a large extent here In the past I've interviewed a lot of people at the festival who weren't local.

There is nothing magical about this area, we were spared because we had few infected out of state visitors.

If we have few or no cases in Jefferson County, it will still matter whether COVID is active in Pittsburgh, NY, NJ, MD, or other places where the visitors may have contracted and are carrying COVID to our rural location.In fact, does it matter at all whether we have no local cases if we are holding a big event that draws tourists from distant locations?

No news from local govt.

Just so you know, this site is NOT ignoring what is planned for Punxsutawney and the area, I've made multiple attempts to get comments or news from the local government with no response yet.

BREAKING NEWS 10:30a.m. Monday, 6/8 CNB Main Office Closes

The Clearfield main office of CNB is temporarily closed. The bank says to use branches. I am attempting to clarify the reason for this one office closing.

As of 5 p.m. (6/8) we had not recieved any response from CNB.

Small Business spending limits on the PPPF act eases pressure to repay

On June 5, President Trump signed the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act of 2020. The Act provides greater flexibility to restaurants, hotels, and other small businesses to use Federal Government loans under the Paycheck Protection Program to pay for payroll, employee benefits and other expenses while weathering the coronavirus outbreak.


When you see the terrible economic cost of shutting down, consider the cost if we hadn't. Experts project an additional 60 million cases. 

Excerpt from my pandemic aftermath book:

By June The United States economy just lost between 15 and 30 trillion dollars, more than 100,000 dead (40 thousand in nursing homes alone). 45 percent of the 2019 jobs are gone forever, and 15 entire job categories (including bank tellers, librarians, telemarketers, cab drivers, even commercial fishermen) will essentially disappear within a decade - a change only accelerated, not caused by the pandemic.

For those who survive COVID-19 but had been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit in a U.S. hospital, the average ICU stay as of May was 14 days - or $93,338 without intubation and $151,116 PLUS doctor and specialist bills if they were on a ventilator

4-Star Gen. Once in Overall Command Afghanistan Fears for The Republic

Gen. John Allen warns that politicisation of the military could be the beginning of the end of 'the American experiment'. After President Trump brandished a bible as a weapon (to the horror of the church's Bishop) and vowed to use active duty military against U.S. citizens, the retired general wrote in an op-ed for Foreign Policy that "to even the casual observer, Monday was awful for the United States and its democracy."

My next book, "Life After a Pandemic" is now published

The 72 page paper back edition is available now and the $4.69 ebook version, which I recommend due to the live links and frequent updates, will publish June 1. Available through Amazon or bookstores.


The ebook which works on any device or computer is now available and I recommend the less expensive ebook because it includes scores of live links to the government reports as well as periodic updates so it is always fresh.

Using Aldi with their delivery service, excellent experience

Whether because of the pandemic or just to avoid the trip to town we have been using Aldi's delivery service, just go the the local Aldi store online.

This week we had Julie Hall as our shopper. She did a great job communicating about items which weren't available and any options.

You can IM your shopper while they are in the store getting your items but everything isn't always in stock.

Thanks again Julie, your service in these rough times is appreciated.

Which Flu Mask Should I buy to protect my family?

A major study found that the expensive N95 masks are no more effective than cheaper medical masks used by doctors in surgery. With N95 masks now in short supply and priced out of the reach of average people it is good to know that if any mask will protect you then the cheaper ones work just as well for a virus. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/09/190903134732.htm

99% effective shingles vaccine at Medicine Shoppe for those who ordered it

Those who have ordered and reserved a dose of the shingles vaccine should contact The Medicine Shoppe office where the order was placed. on 2/20/ I was informed by the head pharmacist that a limited shipment had been received. He asked that those who haven't ordered the vaccine quite a while ago not call - THERE ARE NO EXTRA DOSES and therefore none for walk-ins..



Quick review - Biggie's Quality Meat (119 between Punxy and DuBois) Great service, terrific meat, try the leek sausage! WARNING, closed Mondays, despite schedule on some of their web site (e.g. Value Packs).



For Sale by John McCormick, Hamilton. Contact pressone@gmail.com

Automotive tools as a set - sheet metal shrinker stretcher (Eastwood), air chisel, QSA Torsion Unloading tool Compatible with MANY GMC/Chevy Applications, 7-inch grinder, 5-inch rotating vice, heavy duty 2T Sears jack, air tools - straight line sander, orbital sander, ¾ in impact wrench, 8 car wheel dollies move car or trucks on concrete floors. list $850, asking $500

Snap-on truck king pin press (not hydraulic) heavy (abt 60 lbs.) anvil, 3/4 and drive socket set. $150.  

Celestron C5 1250mm spotting scope like new with custom foam case, spotting scope, AND $150 corrector Celestron Reducer / Corrector f/6.3. #94175 Creates flat field, increases F to f/6.3 and cuts focal length. list price $660 ($550+$110 for flat field lens) asking $500  (link to item on amazon)  


..........There is more to Punxsutawney than a royal rodent, this is quintessential small town America.........

NEWS and REVIEWS Without Fear or Favor

Ever wonder what your child's favorite (or least favorite) teacher makes?

It is a public record, just go here.

Courtesy York Daily Record


Just enter district name and county for full list.

That includes Punxsutawney, DuBois, Purchase Line, etc, every public school in the state.


BTW, if your young student or an older adult wants a world class education for free or just some tutorials, check out Kahn Academy. K through college for free.


Is ASPCA really helping animals, or helping themselves?

CEO salary for 2018? $852,231 according to Animals 24-7.org "At the end of 2017, the ASPCA claimed $273 million in assets. Chief executive Matthew Bershadker took home $804,372 in pay for the year, including a bonus of $276,000, and received benefits of $47,859, for total compensation of $852,231."

$56 Million is spent on those tear jerking TV ads yearly.

I donate directly to local shelters - used to own and run one myself. 


Former excellent County Market now Shop 'n Save rapidly falling standards.

It is obvious enough that there is trouble here because they cut hours drastically (which is fine with me, no one here shops at 1 am.) but they are also advertising for new employees, you might think that all those from night shift would just move to day shift. 

Unfortunately the quality control is also failing rapidly 

NEW Sept. 25 I bought a pork loin, nice quality, cheap, perfect. Unfortunately, also bought several bags of potatoes and when I reached into the first bag I got a handfull of slime from a totally rotten potato. An unpleasant experience to say the least and powerful indication of poor quality control. In two decades previous that never happened once in that store.

The produce quality has plunged. back a few months ago I bought 2 bags of Sunkist lemons on Thursday 5/3, one bag was OK, the other had 5 rotten lemons. I bought 2 cauliflower, one was OK, the other was badly rotted, not just the minor surface black fungus you often see, but black liquid rot to the center, but not visible because of the wrap. Others should post, was this just my bad luck that half the produce I bought was spoiled?

Since buying chicken breasts a few months ago and finding them slimy I no longer buy any meat which I think was cut and packaged at this store.

Not just my opinion (although I did work with Julia Child and grew up in a hotel run by my parents) slimy chicken is spoiled chicken.

I try them occasionally in case of improvement but have been disappointed every single time. I mostly shop at Aldi and Walmart now.