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COVID Cases Now Doubling Weekly in Jefferson County

The Delta variant had left us pretty much alone until now but because of the surge in cases in the South from people ignoring mask and vaccine prevention in favor of taking a horse and cow worm killer (ivermectin - which I wouldn’t even give my sheep in the old days) we are now at high risk here even before the new µ variant spreads here.

New cases have jumped here locally by 102% in just one week. Hospitalizations have doubled although they are still low enough (for now) that heart attack and car crash victims can still find local ICU beds.

If you have ever needed the ER or had friends or children who did, wear masks and get vaccinated or we will be in the same situation as Texas and Florida where people wait and often die waiting for hours waiting to get into the hospital at all. 17% of Jefferson Co. residents are now carrying COVID and spreading it to others.

That was only 8% two weeks ago, when it hits 40% we will look like Florida, only cooler and with nicer people. So far it is has never been higher than 17% during the pandemic but it will probably be 20% or hither next week and after holiday travel it could reach 40% in three weeks.

Fortunately most elderly in the county have been vaccinated - unfortunately 20% of new cases are in children and Delta hits kids really hard. Also, of course the low vaccination rate among those under 60 means lots of people for new variants to breed in - that's where these dangerous new variants come from - infected people.

US fertility rate is dropping, sperm count drops by half in 30 years

The human race is doomed but you don’t know why even if you think you do.

It isn’t climate change, nor nuclear war, nor asteroid collision.

It isn’t because women are waiting longer to have children.

A common theory is that more affluent countries tend to have fewer children.

That isn’t the reason either.

It is because men are becoming sterile.

Follow the link for details and why this is happening.


Hottest year on record - people without AC are dying - share this information.

Staying cool without AC - please share this information, people are dying of the heat! How to survive extreme weather in the Northwest and elsewhere that summers aren't normally this hot.


Hint, drinking ice water doesn't help but eating less meat does.

Vaccinations a month old offer little protection from COVID DELTA

Vaccines are critical to protect against death but not some disease. Don't misread this to say vaccines are not necessary, but elderly need boosters and masks.

BTW, this site doesn't contain my latest medical notices, for that you need to go to my medical blog. this is a post from that blog.

Unfortunately, we have been given poor information about vaccinations and the Delta variant.

I am not saying it was intentional but when I heard that the position of the CDC and White House changed on booster shots I was convinced but now I have links I can share.

60% of patients in Israel hospitals with COVID-19 TODAY are fully vaccinated.

Most of those are over 60.

[Note, the numbers are much lower in the US because most people in Israel have been vaccinated so anyone in the hospital would be very likely to be vaccinated]

CDC: 74% of people infected in Massachusetts outbreak vaccinated

CDC M&M: "74% of those infected in an MA study (Barnstable) were fully vaccinated."

COVID vaccines protect against Delta, but their effectiveness wanes - Nature Nature.com The results, published in a preprint on 19 August, suggest that both vaccines are effective against Delta after two doses, but that the protection they offer is temporary. Protection against Delta weakens after only 30 days.


BRITISH STUDY: "It also found that those who get infected after receiving two shots of either the Pfizer-BioNTech (22UAy.DE) or the AstraZeneca (AZN.L) vaccine may be of greater risk to others than under previous variants of the coronavirus."


Following is a copy of my latest paid, subscription corporate newsletter written BEFORE I got the links I have provided here.

"I am breaking a rule with this message, I can't provide a link to the research because I have gathered enough information to issue a warning NOT yet published. The dramatic change in talk about booster shots is a confirmation.

Delta is far more dangerous even to people who have had full vaccinations.

Good luck to all of us.

At a minimum, EVERYONE should get a booster shot for the two mRNA vaccines and those who got the one-shot with damaged virus parts should strongly consider getting one or more of the mRNA shots.

Elderly and those with other medical problems should consider lockdown and should NEVER enter a store or crowd without an N-95 mask. (Just my recommendation from much research - your mileage may vary.)

We are locking down (AGAIN!) because of the accumulation of small hints and data from the WHO and The Lancet.

If you want to know the final event just recall that a week ago booster shots were suggested to be a possibility sometime next year.

NOW they are talking about next month.

This isn't a coincidence, it is confirmation of some prepub medical web site posts. (Prepub means not yet accepted for peer reviewed publication but submitted by highly reliable researchers.)

Delta has small variants not changed enough to give them a new name yet which none of the vaccines protect against completely.

Previously we were told that fully vaccinated people could catch COVID Delta but wouldn't get very sick.

New data shows even otherwise healthy people are landing in the hospital with COVID Delta."

Local Risk Info in Real Time

Company using smart thermometers tracks medical outbreaks accurately about 40 days BEFORE CDC which refuses to work with the company.


You or your kids/grandkids can do REAL science Easy, Free, Online No Snow Job

Actually it is a snow job. As a scientist I always hated the statement "no two snowflakes are alike." It is a stupid, unscientific, unprovable statement.

Now computers are being trained to classify snowflakes which is part of climate change science.

YOU come into it through teaching the computers by classifying snowflakes yourself (very simple, no programming).

"Sound interesting? Come check out the wonderful world of snowflakes at https://www.zooniverse.org/projects/fitch09/snowflake-id"

Zooniverse is legit, they run this sort of program several times each year - there is no fee.

UN Rpt. Climate Change - Bad, REALLY BAD, but nothing new

Scientists for 110+ countries agree Climate is warming faster than expected by the worst estimates. Fortunately we HERE dodged a bulllet but much or the world (same planet where we live) is facing severe drought alternating with severe storms.

So, except for incessant food wars, food shortages, climate migration elsewhere, we will be comfortable, just hungry.

Gulf Stream (remember HS science in 9th grade?) controls climate and weather in UK and much of Europe but ALSO Asia monsoons.

Early indications are Gulf Stream is changing. UK will see winters more like Canada than like VA. Heavy snow becomes common where frost was unusual. 35 million homes without central heating.

My book says politicians CAN'T change. COVID Proves U.S. is too scientifically illiterate.

Anyone got kids or grandkids?

Far too late to complain, time to prepare for inevitable changes.

"Preparing for Climate Change: Coastal flooding will cost the U.S. billions of dollars within two decades." paperback second edition https://www.amazon.com/dp/1082060615 or ebook https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07TYTG6ZC

The unvaccinated are costing YOU a fortune if you have insurance.

Some insurance companies are planning to refuse coverage for unvaccinated who catch COVID. About TIME!

Last year the average cost of hospitalization for COVID was only $50-$120,000 but it has gone up. Now the cost to individuals or hospitals or insurance companies is closer to $250,000 and those idiots who spend two months in the ICU rather than take a free vaccine cost up to $3,500,000 EACH. Think about that when you see them celebrated on TV for surviving.

One baby was shown on TV tonight being flown 150 miles to an open children's hospital in Texas. That flight cost $75,000. The parents "were waiting" to get the vaccine. So their baby may die and YOU will help pay the doctors. If Texans got vaccinated the local hospitals would be open instead of full of unvaccinated COVID patients.

300 days in the hospital? Who do you think pays for that? Lots of health insurance DOESN'T pay for helicopter flights. When hospitals bill insurance companies those massive amounts EVERYONE's insurance cost has to go up.

If the idiots have no insurance or run out of insurance then hospitals have to absorb the cost - THAT's why aspirin costs $50 in your local hospital. YOU are paying for the uninsured.

EVERYONE pays for the uninsured - ignore the Republican lies about masks, vaccines, and mandatory insurance.

Why aren't teachers vaccinated - K-9 kids CAN"'T be so why won't teachers protect them?

Teachers would be fired for smoking weed or taking opioids but NOT for risking children? The ones who refuse should stay home. What further evidence are they waiting for? 350,000,000 vaccinated aren't enough proof the vaccines work?

The unvaccinated can kill YOU even if you never catch COVID.

The unvaccinated are dangerous for everyone - and not only because they spread COVID.

What isn't getting much attention is that when ICUs fill up with dying COVID patients (99% unvaccinated) then when you get 50 bee stings or your uncle gets a heart attack, or your newphew or own kid is in a car wreck, the ICU is full and it may take hours to find a hospital which will take the stroke, heart attack, or accident victim in so they can pronounce death.

Fortunately we don't currenctly face the problem here in the northeast but Delta is spreading and it could occur even here.

Prepare for another lockdown unless evangelicals decide to become vaccinated

It appears to many that the United States is intent on committing suicide with more than 40% of our elected political leaders actually fighting against sane public health mandates.

As Florida experiences the greatest number of COVID infections daily ever the Governor is working hard to make it impossible for local schools and governments to protect citizens.

If everyone had cooperated with masks and vaccinations this spring and early summer every business, concert, and event would now be completely open but with only half the country vaccinated and especially with many southern and western states far below even 40% vaccination rates we are in the unfortunate position of being on the verge of a second pandemic as bad or worse than the situation in New York City.

Many businesses barely survived the big lockdown and are just beginning to recover their financial stability.

How much worse will it be when we have the lockdown exhaustion among both customers and employees and a new lockdown because of a much more virulent and more deadly version of this pandemic, essentially a second pandemic?

Short version - so many people are now catching and spreading the Delta there are certain to be more new variants which are deadlier and more easily transmissible than Delta.

One or more of them will almost certainly not be covered by the present vaccines.

We have great mRNA technology but new vaccines can't be developed until a new strain appears so there will be a minimum one month, more likely 6 month delay before emergency use authorization for a new vaccine.

One month would be the best case where congress would go along with the White House and courts permitting REAL public health requirements.

Since politicians will fight to make it easy for their constituants to sommit suicied, that won't happen.

This has been an excerpt from the most recent episode of business advice and information from

Business Notes From A 40-Year C.E.O. and Tech Journalist


Watch for the NEXT COVID variant, it may NOT be covered by current vaccines. In fact with so many unvaccinated and Delta spreading it is virtually certain.

The link below shows the science behind fears of new and much more dangerous variants. Short version There are such massive numbers of people catching Delta (FL now has the most new COVID cases EVER in the state) that there are certain to be Epsilon, Zeta, Eta,Theta, etc. variants.

One or more of them will almost certainly not be covered by the present vaccines. We have great mRNA technology but new vaccines can't be developed until a new strain appears so there will be a minimum one month, more likely 6 month delay before emergency use authorization for a new vaccine.

One month would be the best case where congress would go along with the White House and courts permitting REAL public health requirements. That won't happen so I am preparing for another lockdown.

On average 9 people will be infected by one person with Delta. Only 3 were infected by the first COVID. BTW, most of PA is in the "safe" or moderate spread zone but most of the population is not is a safe zone and people move around, especially in summer and especially now.

Rates of SARS-CoV-2 transmission and vaccination impact the fate of vaccine-resistant strains | Scientific Reports (nature.com)

The study in Nature essentially says that faster vaccinations reduce the chance of a more dangerous variant but easing of mask mandates, distancing, and other physical limitations (as opposed to vaccines) greatly increases the chance of a new, more deadly virus.

In other words EXACTLY what we are seeing in most of the country other than the northeast.

COVID Delta extremely dangerous, even vaccinated are catching it in large numbers

Latest data shows that even fully vaccinated people are very likely to catch COVID Delta but are unlikely to get sick.

That is confusing, but it mans that you can carry the virus and easily spread it even though you may not have any symptoms.

COVID is dangerous/deadly when it is in the lungs but spreads when in the nose (sinus). 

For links to the latest data see https://criticalmedicalnews.blogspot.com/

Punxsy Hospital Prices

Remember hospitals now have to disclose prices. Punxsutawney Hospital rates pretty well on quality of care, high on patient satisfaction but it is low priced compared to most local options.

"BY GEOGRAPHY 58.6% lower On average, this provider is 58.6% more affordable than the nearest 5 providers. BY MARKET 47.6% lower On average, this provider is 47.6% more affordable than 5 providers of similar bed-size & metropolitan market. BY CARE QUALITY 55.0% lower On average, this provider is 55.0% more affordable than providers with similar Patient Care Quality on Medicare.gov Care Compare."


SERVICE NAME COMPARISON CT scan, head or brain, without contrast 69% below market

MRI scan of brain before and after contrast 45% below market

X-ray of chest; Single View 47% below market

Ultrasound of abdomen, complete 52% below market

Mammogram Screening 87% below market

Basic metabolic panel 64% below market

Blood test, comprehensive group of blood chemicals 69% below market

Urinalysis, Automated Test 60% below market

Complete blood count, automated 22% below market

Blood test, clotting time 66% below market

Blood Typing, ABO 38% below market

Psychotherapy, 60 min 40% above market

Physical therapy, therapeutic exercise 60% below market


Local Water Supply Company Refuses Any Info on Security

With everyone from giant natural gas companies to small towns being hit wither with ransomware demands OR, worse yet, actual attacks on their infrastructure, the local water supply company has refused to provide any information at all about their security or even if they have any security to protect local municipal water supplies.

If you read the news you might want to send them a complaint or just drill a well.

COVID DELTA twice as easy to catch, twice as deadly

Think you are safe because you actually had COVID? Think again, in India where it originated people who had recovered from the original COVID caught Delta and many died. Completed vaccinations DO protect from Delta, but partial vaccination doesn't according to UK reports.

COVID is back, will put many younger people in hospitals or dirt naps especially in southern and mountain states with low vaccination rates.

Unvaccinated people not only spread COVID, they cause the varients like Delta.

THANKS morons. AND keep those masks off - reduce the ranks of people who have no care for others or even their own families by catching the Delta varient - and a special thanks to all who pushed the conspiracy theory that COVID was a hoax, you helped kill more Americans than Hitler. You must be SO proud.

Good News/Bad News USPS slows delivery in some areas to save money.

So the post office is slowing delivery times to save money, what is the good news? Well Central PA is not part of the slow down. In fact delivery volume rates are expected to decrease only a bit. Sent from Zips 157xxx under current schedule 61% delivered in 2 days, under new schedule 46% and 39% in three days. 

From here the rurther west you look the slower delivery will become.

This data was compiled by the Washington Post (I used to write a column) from USPS official plans. Check other zipcodes here while the link lasts. t.ly/ERGy


Severe drought out west local outlook good.

Not a good time to plan a vacation in the west. Lake Meade, which supplies water to thousands of farms and millions of people is down by 156 feet to the level before the river was damed. 

Vegetable prices will go up because even if California farms can get enough water they will pay heavily for it, denying LA swimming pools and eventually Los Vegas fountains if they have another year with little snow and hoter weather causing more evaporation.

Counties and cities which had thought they were planning for global warming in a couple decades find it is here NOW. My book shows the problems especially in Fla where buildings near the ocean will be undercut by rising sea levels.

Here in central PA we will have unusual weather and longer growing seasons but no major problems except eventually from people fleeing the coasts and running up land and housing prices. 


"Preparing for Climate Change: Coastal flooding will cost the U.S. billions of dollars within two decades."paperback second edition

https://www.amazon.com/dp/1082060615   or ebook https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07TYTG6ZC

How Trump can legally become president without running

Trump can be elected Speaker of the House if the GOP gets control in the next election - between possible and likely

Anyone! Anyone at all, (even an infant or non American?) can be elected Speaker of the House, even Putin. See the Constitution or direct quote below Article I, Section 2, Clause 5

The Senate can turn GOP - certainly possible

Then House impeachs Biden and Senate convicts Immediately (no crime is necessary.)

Impeach Harris and convict

Trump as Speaker becomes President legally.

There are many rumors that crooked Fla GOP politicians (there is another kind?) will gerrymander a district certain to elect Ex-President Trump to the House of Representatives. They could legally do it, one early President went from President to a MA Rep.

But Trump won't run for Rep because he expects to be named Speaker of the House anyway when the GOP regains the majority next election cycle so he can wield power and save money for another presidential run.

Sounds ridiculous doesn't it, but that would put him third in line for President anyway - give that and his fanatic followers some thought.

However, you say, he can't be elected Speaker if he isn't in Congress.

Sorry, you are wrong. “The House of Representatives shall chuse their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment.” Article I, Section 2, Clause 5 and part of the section on impeachment so you can be certain someone read it to him. It says nothing about them choosing from elected members of the House.

Ever wanted to know more about The Groundhog Club?

Punxsutawney Groundhog Club Punxsutawney, PA

EIN: 25-1428113 Phil By Making Known To The World At Large That Groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, Residing At Gobbler's Knob ... Phil By Making Known To The World At Large That Groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, Residing At Gobbler's Knob ...

GROSS RECEIPTS info $504,238 ASSETS $1,038,444

Punxsutawney Groundhog Festival Inc Punxsutawney, PA|EIN: 25-1372264 ["Provide the Punxsutawney Community with anannual Groundhog Festival the week of July 4,consisting of free ...


OH, BTW, here are their tax returns for 2017



For those who aren't familiar with charity tax returns I want to point out that everything seems extremely honest and most charities are not as well run as this one appears to be.


Given that I wonder just why they absolutely refused to work in any way with the most famous and widly published local author and journalist.

They could have made my book so much better and more useful for visitors if they would even retun emails.


Visitor's guide to Groundhog Day (best as an ebook)https://www.amazon.com/dp/B083NZ98JJ

Being the last, the very last person to die of COVID - what could be more horrible?

My message to an elderly friend who says she and her 80-yr old husband are "immune" to COVID and thinks vaccines are dangerous: "hate me, revile me online, never SPEAK TO ME AGAIN, I don't give a fuck, I'm trying to save your and Carl's lives. TAKE THE FU""ING VACCINE, it is safe, people who get it DON"T DIE, don't suffer for weeks in an ICU before death - take the fukkin vaccine so we don't need to go to your funeral - I've gone to enough fuKKKn funerals. Rev. John McCormick.

Trump Organization considered organized crime by prosecutors

In addition to many tax and potential bank fraud charges, it turns out Trump Tower was build with concrete from "Fat" Tony Salerno (the Genovise Mafia Family Don) and workers from Paul Castellano (Gambino Mafia) with whom Trump shared a lawyer. Rumors are the Trump O. may be subject to RICO property seizures.

Meanwhile former White House workers are very upset by Trump's order to NOT withold SS taxes to stimulate the economy. It was mandatory for Federeal workers and he claimed Congress would not require them to pay it later. You guessed it, they are getting tax bills ranging from $1000 to $2000. These are secretaries and such who barely made enough to live in Washington.

Groundhog Days Evicted from Punxsutawney?

I heard that the town council told the GHC if they want to reserve the town park for their Groundhog Festival that if they claim it is a charitable event then it has to be open to other charities - just a rumor. Also a rumor that they didn't like the idea - I tried to get comments from them but they refused all communication, even for my book on Groundhog Day.

Now the Festival will be held at Yoder's along 119 south of Punxy (the former Millers Furniture). So everyone should enjoy walking to the Festival June 20 through 26.

Visitor's Guide to Groundhog Day Visitor's guide to Groundhog Day (best as an ebook)https://www.amazon.com/dp/B083NZ98JJ

Thursday Vaccinations Open in Punxsutawney

If you are looking to get your first Moderna vaccine there are openings for a lot of people this thursday at the Primary health network site on the first floor - open to anyone who wants their first shot, starting next week second shots at the same location. You need an appointment but there is no charge and we just got ours today.

I want to point out that every TV shot I have seden looks pretty scary but the actual injection is to tiny I really didn't even notice when it was done, I had to ask the tech to be certain it was given.


SO, CALL today and get your shot this thursday in punxy.

Phone: (814) 938-3310

PA Vaccination Sites

Although no one seemed interested in local news updates, I see there are people looking for vaccinations so I am posting the state site.



Site Updates Ending Soon - due to lack of support

Although up to 100 people have visited this site daily not one has posted an encouraging comment.

Now only 20 people visit daily and it is too much work to bother so I will concentrate on my blogs and books.

I never asked for money, just confirmation that people found this useful.

John McCormickChildren's book"The Tale of a Worried Little Puppy


"Life After a Pandemic" ebook  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B087QM6FRB

paperback https://www.amazon.com/dp/B089CSCM5V

Google Scholar citations  https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=kTo4NPFZZFMJ&hl=en

Member, Union of Concerned Scientists

No LONGER Member, AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) I dropped membership when extreme censorship was imposed on all discussions.

39-year member, National Press Club (Washington) 

Medical Blog https://criticalmedicalnews.blogspot.com/

Visitor's guide to Groundhog Day (best as an ebook)

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B083NZ98JJBook sample, GHD visitor's guide.

"Preparing for Climate Change: Coastal flooding will cost the U.S. billions of dollars within two decades."

paperback second edition https://www.amazon.com/dp/1082060615  

or ebook https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07TYTG6ZC

eBOOK "Blockchain Made Simple" Blockchain is poised to revolutionize business and government data management.

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HCY7QPZ Everywhere I Turn There's A Wet Nose   the love for and science of dogs.


Emergency management preparedness


Senior contributor, Newsblaze.com http://puppybyday.blogspot.com/

"Sheep in the Rafters book.http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00SLMJHUI

"Sheep in the Rafters 2nd. ed. paperback https://www.amazon.com/dp/1521253676

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US Blasting Editorial Staff http://us.blastingnews.com/editorial-staff/john-a-mccormick/ UK

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http://uk.blastingnews.com/editorial-staff/john-mccormick/Blasting stories 


Bibliography and web page https://sites.google.com/site/siliconsamurai/

Miscelaneous: Newsblaze http://newsblaze.com/writer/mcco.html

Highland Ranch




Company CDO Says Pfizer Needs to be a 3 dose Vaccine Possibly Yearly.

Pfizer says to expect to get a third shot of their vaccine a year after the first, but it is too soon to determine more than three shots are needed.

Moderna is going  to incorporate their vaccine each year if necessary with the annual flu shot (influenze kills 30-70,000 Americans.

Please keep proof of which vaccine you got - you MAY need to use the same brand as the original.

What's up with the J&J Vaccine??

First, the blood clots are extremely rare, 6 people out of 7 MILLION doses.

Second it happens within two weeks of the injection and doesn't affect anyone but women ages 18 to 48.

The J&J vaccine is a traditional vaccine including killed virus.

The other two vaccines in the U.S. are made an entirely different way so they won't have a related problem. In this instance the new and previously untested mRNA vaccines have turned out to be not only much easier to develop but are also SAFER. Still, you are more likely to be injured in an earthquake or struck by lightning than to experience problems with even the Johnson and Johnson vaccines.


Child SUICIDE - 12% of Children Over 6 Are Suicidal

While rare, child suicide is increasing with at least one child among ten between the ages of 6 and 12 have considered suicide.

"Unfortunately, suicide crosses all age, racial, and socioeconomic groups in the US and around the world. In the US, suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among children and adolescents ages 10-24, and the 3rd leading cause of death among 12 year olds. Nearly one of every eight children between the ages 6 and 12 has suicidal thoughts. The suicide rate is approximately 4 times higher among males than among females, but females attempt suicide 3 times as often as males"

"How can I tell if my child is suicidal? You can start by asking your child if he or she is thinking about suicide. Be sure to ask them in clear, straight-forward language like, “I’m worried about you. Have you been having thoughts about wanting to die or killing yourself?” People who attempt or complete suicide often exhibit a number of warning signs, either through what they say or by what they do. The more warning signs a teenager exhibits, the higher the risk of completing suicide. If you think your child might be at risk for suicide, you should have him/her evaluated by a professional. You could call your primary care physician, your child’s therapist or psychiatrist, your local mobile crisis team, or visit the closest emergency department. In an emergency, you should call 911."

CH, Boston.

(Children's Hospital Boston Rpt. https://www.childrenshospital.org/conditions-and-treatments/conditions/s/suicide-and-teens/symptoms-and-causes)

Most parents reportedly don't even realize their children have attempted suicide, let alone the much larger number who consider it.

Political upheaval, school shootings, COVID all contribute to childhood anxiety the way nuclear war did in the 50's and 60's (duck and cover sillynesssilliness.)


Some Long-Haulers Seeing Major Relief From COVID Vaccination

Stunning news for many experts - it appears that a number of the people who survived COVID but have serious ongoing problems with weakness, lethargy, and pain are reporting that after receiving a COVID vaccine they are feeling much better.

Extreme shortness of breath is probably the most concerning symptom of post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection (PASC) and at least one person who could barely walk a block is now reporting that three weeks after getting the Pfizer COVID vaccine he is beginning to feel much better.


"Survivor Corps, which has a public Facebook group with 159,000 members, recently took a poll to see whether there was any substance to rumors that these patients were feeling better after being vaccinated. "Out of 400 people, 36% showed an improvement in symptoms, anywhere between a mild improvement to complete resolution of symptoms"

An important note about this development is that SOME of the long-haulers have experienced WORSENING symptoms after their first of 2 vaccine shots but experienced incredible relief a few weeks after getting the second COVID vaccine shot.

Upwards of 25% of people who survived COVID have experienced these long-hauler symptoms.


WVa D Sen. Joe Manchin Throws Backhoe Into Biden Infrastructure Plan

Overnight the stimulous package may have fallen apart - OR NOT!

Sen. Manchin from West VA ran an op-ed saying he wants much more bipartisan work on proposed infrastructure plan. That makes him one of the most powerful men in the world, but there are suggestions that if Republicans continue refusing to even talk about the bill he will finally vot in favor.

His point that if Dems use these tricks the GOP will use them next time seems important, but they already have these rules and already block every Dem. bill by simply not permitting any vote when they have control (past 12+ years - look it up.)

Right now if one Democrat or Independent drops support of a Senate bill it won't pass.

An obscure ruling from the Senate parliamentarian may pass the infrastructure bill

Despite the fact that the Republicans during the last administration were all for a massive infrastructure bill, they refuse to consider one passed by a Democratic Senate. Their objections all surround things like high speed internet for rural areas and other provisions which mostly benefit poor areas.

But the Senate Democrats have just recieved good news from the top rule maker that they can also use reconciliation to pass the desperately needed infrastructure bill just as they passed the COVID relief bill which got your $1,400 payment this month and extended aid to get vaccines to people - which ALL Republicans rejected even though President Trump had been very much in favor of many of the benefits. 

COVID relief payments of $1,400 have arrived in many local accounts today.

The IRS promise that payments would arrive on April 7 have been proven accurate today for many Social Security recipients who have direct deposit.

UK Drug Authority Warns Under 30 Should NOT Take AZ Vaccine

Out of an abundance of caution the United Kingdom drug agency has reportedly warned that the Astrazeneca COVID vaccine should not be taken by people under age 30 due to the very small risk of blood clots.

This has not been mandated for older people or other vaccines.

The AZZ vaccine is not available in the U.S. but is being considered for emergency use authorization - this UK information may end its chances.

Although the risky vaccine is not available here, it is important to recognize that if/when you hear rumors or reports of a blood clot danger that it doesn't apply to any of the three vaccines Americans are getting.

The Biden COVID team has already purchased enough vaccines for every person in the country so loss of the AZ vaccine will cause little if any problem for you.

COVID Infections Surge in PA While 30% of Locals Get Vaccines.

For the forth or fifth time governors are opening up their states too soon and daily new infections among those under 50 are surging in a score of states, including PA.

On the plus side the local west-PA region and especially in Jefferson County between 25 and 35% of people have already been vaccinated.

Around the country nearly 4 million are getting vaccinated daily. If enough people get the vaccines the U.S. could be fully open by July. Of course if too many people refuse the vaccine we may never beat some mutation of COVID.

AZ and Moderna vaccines are both known to last a minimum of 6 months.They may last much longer bue only time will tell.

FREE on the Internet - Millions of Movies, Concerts, Old TV Shows, etc.

Remember to click on the "Free on the internet" button at the top of the screen.

That page includes links to millions of books and documents as well as audiobooks, video, movies, even almost every page of every web page, even ones no long online or with massive changes.

REALLY FREE, not internet scam free.

A Report On The Future of The Jefferson Co. Library System

Several studies have determined that among the careers which won't be around in the next decade is librarian.

See a discussion about this at: Common Sense

Republican Congress Will Oppose Infrastructure Repairs. In 2021 Republicans in Congress Already Voted Against Covid Relief Payments and Minimum Wage Increase..

The official Republican Congressional position (stated today by Mitch McConnell) on repairing roads, improving internet access, water systems, and bridges is that they WILL NOT support it with Biden in office or if they encourage electric cars. (Amazon alone has 100,000 electric vehicles on order.)

Multiple surveys show that 74% of REPUBLICAN voters support the infrastructure bill and some surveys show that even more support it if paid for by raising taxes on very rich people and multinational companies.

(Many multinational companies arrange their income so they pay almost no taxes in the U.S. and very small tax amounts in small countries where the governments have small budgets - that is, unlike the U.S. little infrastructure, no Social Security, small military, etc.)

Dangerous Mutations and Ignoring Safety Protocols Mean Surging COVID Cases

As dangerous South African and Brazillian versions of COVID spread rapidly in the U.S. and around the world and localities or entire countries open up for business as usual a month ago COVID is resurging in many places.

The Olympic torch ceremony was cancelled in Osaka Japan.

Germany is banning many evening and night events. France has shut down again. Both opened up to business as usual about a month ago.

Hospitalizations now of younger people are surging in many States.

Who wants to be the last to die before getting vaccinated?

Meanwhile, the Astra ZenecaZeneca vaccine is found to be effective against the South African virus while data shows the vaccine keeps people safe for at least 6 months.

Experts say if mask mandates and vaccines aren't implemented immediatly we could see an entirely new strain of COVID start a NEW pandemic by 2022.

Some people are starting to stockpile TP and food again.

Pfizer Shows Vaccine 100% Effective For Teens 12-15 AS Cases in Adults Surge

All tests so far show that as the COVID cases spread and are the third leading cause of death in the U.S.

The COVID virus is surging in many states which are opening up as younger people between 20 and 45 are being hospitalized in increasing numbers but it looks as if children under 18 will be protected by vaccines before school opens this fall - IF anti-vaxers aren't successful in killing more people and people wear masks before getting vaccinated.

Surveys of the people now showing up in ERs and being hospitalized generally didn't wear masks.

Such a simple, inexpensive way to save hospitalization and gigantic medical bills running into the hundreds of thousands if you end up on a ventilator.

Anyone on SS who gets the pandemic payment please send us a message via comments.

ALSO, anyone with information about a local event or business is invited to email the information to us at groundhogpressinc@gmail.com 

Don't just complain that the news never covers anything you are interested in, send the information. We can't guarantee publishing everything and we will need to confirm information, but we won't disclose your identity unless you specifically ask us to. The editor of this site is a 39 year member of The National Press Club and former columnist for Post-Newsweek (WAPO - Washington Post Company.)

The IRS (AGAIN!) Says Stimulous Payments to SS Recipients Will Go Out This Weekend

Blame gets passed back and forth between the IRS and Social Security as to why it is taking so long to get stimulous checks out this time - as long as the first time after which they should remember how.

Today the IRS again sent a press release that it was going to get payments mostly electronically out by April 7.

COVID Stimulous Checks Delayed by Paperwork From Social Security

We SS recipients were all expecting our direct deposits quickly as the earlier ones were.

Unfortunately I and 30 Million more elderly and disabed are still waiting.

We don't even know if we will get the money by direct deposit despite having gotten the earlier payments that way.

An EBT card would be a major inconvenience for those who are still isolating because of COVID and aren't leaving home. For a year or more we have all been banking by internet, not even by mail.

FEMA Will Help Pay COVID Funeral Expenses.

"In early April, FEMA will begin providing financial assistance for funeral expenses incurred after Jan. 20, 2020 for deaths related to coronavirus (COVID-19) to help ease some of the financial stress and burden caused by the pandemic.

The policy was finalized today (Mar 23), and FEMA is now moving rapidly to implement this funeral assistance program nationwide.

To be eligible for COVID-19 funeral assistance, the policy states:

The applicant must be a U.S. citizen, non-citizen national, or qualified alien who incurred funeral expenses after Jan. 20, 2020 for a death attributed to COVID-19.

If multiple individuals contributed toward funeral expenses, they should apply under a single application as applicant and co-applicant.

FEMA will also consider documentation from other individuals not listed as the applicant and co-applicant who may have incurred funeral expenses as part of the registration for the deceased individual.

An applicant may apply for multiple deceased individuals.

The COVID-19-related death must have occurred in the United States, including the U.S. territories and the District of Columbia.

This assistance is limited to a maximum financial amount of $9,000 per funeral and a maximum of $35,500 per application.

Funeral assistance is intended to assist with expenses for funeral services and interment or cremation."

COVID-19 Funeral Assistance | FEMA.gov https://www.fema.gov/disasters/coronavirus/economic/funeral-assistance.

Who is Reading?

It takes time and work to provide this local oriented news.

I'm not asking for money but it you read this more than once and want to have me continue posting news and reviews here post a comment. Good, bad, indifferent, but perhaps let me know where you are or why you want punxsy local news. No names required.

If no one is interested I will stop posting and sell www.15767.com

You might enjoy or benefit from some of my books. Free to Amazon Prime members, very inexpensive to everyone else.

Children's book"The Tale of a Worried Little Puppy "https://www.amazon.com/kindle/dp/B08GP4CRYS/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_eos_detail

"Life After a Pandemic" ebook  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B087QM6FRB  

Medical Blog https://criticalmedicalnews.blogspot.com/

Visitor's guide to Groundhog Day (best as an ebook) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B083NZ98JJ

"Preparing for Climate Change: Coastal flooding will cost the U.S. billions of dollars within two decades."paperback second editionhttps://www.amazon.com/dp/1082060615   or ebook https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07TYTG6ZC

eBOOK "Blockchain Made Simple" Blockchain is poised to revolutionize business and government data management. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HCY7QPZ

Everywhere I Turn There's A Wet Nose   the love for and science of dogs.


Emergency management preparedness the sky is falling https://www.amazon.com/Asteroids-Planning-Coronal-Ejection-threats-ebook/dp/B00M2I68HC/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8

puppy blog http://puppybyday.blogspot.com/

"Sheep in the Rafters book.http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00SLMJHUI "Sheep in the Rafters 2nd. ed. paperback https://www.amazon.com/dp/1521253676


Nature Magazine (respected UK Science Journal) Says No COVID Herd Immunity. Also, NO FLU was bad news.

 U.S. adults getting COVID vaccines sounds great but, BUT, there is no vaccine for kids so herd immunity requires 98% of all adults being vaccinated.Variants are getting worse and the next one might ignore all the current vaccines.

Variants are getting worse and the next one may ignore all the vaccines. You get those mutations/variants when there are lots of infections.

Some parts of the U.S. and many countries are not getting vaccinated at all therefore it continues spreading and generating more dangerous COVID versions in these low vaccine pools including entire countries with air service to the U.S.

COVID-19 isn’t going to end, ever. It will become endemic like the common cold or yearly flu which normally kills about 40,000 Americans each year.

Did you notice there was no flu this year? Actually that is bad. Researchers trying to predict next year’s influenza strain needed a lot of people to get sick the previous year. In 2020 almost no one got the seasonal flu so there may not be a good vaccine for the next season 2021-2022.

Iceland Experiencing 1,000+ Small Earthquakes/Day! What this could mean to air travel.

An area near Reykjavik is shaking so much that people are unable to sleep. This is said by local and U.S. geologists as indicating a large movement of molten rock preliminary almost certainly to a volcanic eruption.

This is likely to be a quiet surface lava flo such as seen in Hawaii but it could also be a repeat of the 2010 situation where so much sharp hard volcanic dust clouds that air travel to and from Europe was disrupted for a week or longer.

Volcanic dust can damage jet engines and about 10 million people were unable to fly between North America and Europe because Iceland is on the great circle flight path taken by all commercial planes.

Some Local Doctors Receive Vaccine Shipments

There is no use phoning your doctor, if they have vaccine they will contact you with an appointment date but vaccine is already circulating in the area not just at the hospitals.

17 Year Circada Swarm/Group 10 Will Return in 2021

Cicadas from the largest group termed Group 10, last emerged 17 years ago and will come back in 2021. There are several groups of cicadas, each with their own swarm schedules both different years and different times between 17 years and 13 years. After a brief emergence into the world in April through July. The Group 10 cicadas which are up to 3 inches long with large wings lacking any color but also having large eyes.

They are not locusts and will not eat the leaves off all the plants in your garden.

See https://siliconsamurai.blogspot.com/


COVID Bonus Money Will Start Arriving by Monday

The IRS knows how to do it now and Biden says first of the $1,400 payments should be in bank accounts by Saturday ot Monday.

Apple Cider Vinegar is NOT a Miracle Cure

ACV contains some vitamins and has a Ph (acidity level_ of 2-3 which is the same as the Hydrochloric Acid already in the stomach.So what could ACV provide that a drink of apple juice or better yet eating an apple a day doesn't?

If you have bad kidneys it could be harmful and ACV does have some minor benefits but far less than things you could be drinking such as Green Tea (lowers cholesterol), Beet juice (lowers blood pressure), Cranberry Juice (protects especially women and girls from UTI it is antibacterial), etc.

It has some very minor benefits and some risks, but ACV is really nothing more than the latest Internet fad and click bait. In a few months it will be something else just as meaningless, silly, and lucrative for advertisers. As people grow up they learn commercials are just ways to sell you something you don't really need.

Debunking the health benefits of apple cider vinegar - UChicago Medicine

President Biden just ordered another 100M vaccine doses. COVID Bill Passes.

This was an order for the J&J vaccine so they will protect 100M people. We now have enough vaccines on order for every person in the U.S. 

President Trump did as much as possible to push for vaccine production while in office.

Meanwhile the House of Representatives have passed the ammended Emergency COVID Assistance bill so checks should go out by the end of the month.

Trump Tax Break For Millionairs Ended Most Home Office Deductions

If you were looking forward to deducting the thousands of dollars you spent on making a home office for your regular job, you can thank Republicans for revoking your deduction in the 2017 tax bill. Many people used to be able to deduct computers and even office furniture when you worked from home but the new Trump rule is you can't have a home office deduction if you get a  W-2. Only 1099 or self-employed can deduct now.

Seen the ads about Eggs and Type-2 Diabetes?

See the science behind egg consumption and diabetes - it is different for men and women.


The COVID Relief Bill ($1400 for most people in this area) Could be Signed Wed.

After being forced to remove the $15 minimum wage portion, most of the COVID Relief bill passed the Senate (Democrats only voted YES, but Trump supporters will also get the money even though EVERY Republican voted to NOT give you needed money or extend unemployment, or fund local police or firemen) and went back to the House with changes. Biden is expected to get the bill on his desk to sign by Wednesday. $1,400 checks should go out in two weeks.

Vegetarian vs Humanitarian

If a vegetarian eats only vegetables and a pescatarian eats vegetables and seafood Why do people brag about being a humanitarian? See blog for this and more: https://siliconsamurai.blogspot.com

Student Loan Forgiveness Tax Free Through 2025

The usual problem with having a loan forgiven is that Whether a bank, credit card, or even an individual forgives You a debt the IRS says that is the same as being given money, A gift, which is therefore taxable.

The COVID Relief Bill just passed does not forgive the loans it does tell the IRS that now through 2025 any forgiven student loan will not be treated as taxable income. That can mean savings in the thousands of dollars.

45 million people owe $1.7 trillion in student loans. Congress agrees on a $10K forgiveness already but many are pushing for a $50K forgiveness.

Beware flea and tick collar Bayer’s Seresto

There are multiple reports online and in official douments that the Bayer’s Seresto flea collar has caused seizures and nearly instant death to pets. Until/unless this is cleared up, We suggest you choose another alternative.

COVID, Nursing homes MUCH Safer. Then there are Texas, and Mississippi

The number of infected people in nursing homes and other facilities for the aged or those recovering from srious injury or illness, has dropped by 90% according to the head of a major lobbying association. Friends and family should be able to visit loved ones the first time in more than a year.

Meanwhile, Republican State congress people and the Governors of Texas and Mississippi are all for opening up everything as if it were normal. For TX and MI they are saying, 'We now know exactly what to do to slow infections and save lives. So lets stop doing those things."

Evaluating news sources?

Ch 3+3 today ran a promotion for Valentine's Day specifically saying it would run in February. Yea, I'd get MY news there. In fact, at 7:45 they just ran a Valentine's Day contest AGAIN. IF you appreciate real journalism, post a comment so I know you are visiting and we will expand local coverage, including the month and day.

BTW, my CommonSense blog relaunched today, it used to be part of my View From Highland Ranch column in The Spirit. Beginning with why it is tilly to lobby politicians about change and The Pentagon's Reaction. https://siliconsamurai.blogspot.com/

Jefferson, Indiana, and Clearfield Co. COVID hospitality funds

Jefferson $492 thousand for about 100 businesses

Clearfield $898 thousand

Indiana $952 thousand

House and Senate Republicans finally passed bill and the Governor signed it immediatly on Feb. 5. The above monies are out of the $145M announced by Gov. Wolf.

What will life and jobs be like after COVID? "Life After a Pandemic" shows you.

"Life After a Pandemic" includes a look at what jobs will disappear and why.

Also, what new jobs will become important - personal service is back and pays well!. Millions have learned the absolute JOY of not standing in like at a checkout counter or hours lost every week picking up the same food you bought last week. Some Instacart workers make $40/hour.

 ebook  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B087QM6FRB

paperback https://www.amazon.com/dp/B089CSCM5V

COVID moves from pandemic to endemic - in view of many.

Even when the 80% who believe COVID exists and vaccines are real medicine have their shots many scientists see COVID becomming a regular part of our lives, but in a small way, like the seasonal flu.

People who believe in science and medicine will take a yearly shot protecting them against new COVID varients and the latest influenza.

We know many will skip the yearly flu vaccine because they don't believe society means watching out for others, not just taking what they can get. but after COVID perhaps more people will see the yearly 40,000 average flu death rate as enough reason to stop spreading death every time they go in public.

What about YOU? Will you suffer the indignity of believing in science just to help save 40,000 lives yearly? Or, is your personal right to spread disease your overriding goal in life?

If so, then you must believe DUI is OK since it everyone's right to endanger your kids by driving drunk.

The latest scam - "Skincell" promises to remove moles in minutes - actually causes serious burns.

Read the reviews on Amazon, not only does Skincell NOT remove skin tags and moles, it is just a powerful acid which has sent many to the ER with serious and lasting pain/skind damage.

AAAS imposes extreme censorship

This will mean little to most of you but I was a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the leading peer-reviewed U.S. science journal - the UK equivalent is Nature. Today the AAAS imposed extreme censorship in the formerly free discussion area where members could ask and answer questions about cutting edge science questions.

I can't actually resign so I am just letting my membership expire.

I must suggest that people who had relied on the AAAS seal as indicating reliable science should now turn elsewhere such as Nature.

COVID Long Haulers face lifetime of short breath and weakness

Whether you were a marathon runner, cheerleader, scholarship athlete, or housewife/husband, if you had even a mild case of COVID  there is a 3 in 10 (30%) chance that you will loose hair, feel extreme weakness doing simple tasks such as washing dishes or walking to the mail box. This is now an official medical condition, PASC post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2.

COVID causes heart and lung even brain damage which is likely to last a lifetime. People who are almost a year into PASC symptoms say it is important to accept that you are now a different person.

Since the COVID weakness, shortness of breath, and brain "fog" are due to physical damage there is no new drug which will help.

Since they weren't among the half-million dead, those facing a lifetime of pain and weakness may be regretting falling for the "fake" designation given COVID by the last administration and failing to protect themselves.

J&J Vaccine has next to last approval, could ship in days

If you think the J&J vaccine is not as good as the other two approved in the U.S., remember that zero of the people who have had it even went to the hospital - to them COVID if they got it, was a very mild cold-like event, not a deadly disease.

ALSO it is KNOWN to be effective against one or more of the dangerous varients, there is no proof yet that the others are equally effective.

On the other hand, one third world country's government has refused even free vaccines instead saying a ginger based tea is all the citizens of Tanzania will be getting.


It happened in Europe, it will happen here according to many experts. The decline in cases has already stopped and began trending up. 

The new mutation from the UK (B1.1..7) is extremely contagious and is spreading fast. Spring break is comming but even before that terrible spreading event we will probably see a fast doubling of cases, perhaps 3X as many as this week.

The ONLY way to save tens of thousands of lives is to reverse the opening up of our lives. IF 90% of Americans would wear masks all the time outside home we wouldn't even need the vaccines, but far too many refuse this simple way to save lives.

The vaccines all work against the UK varient but can't be produced and given quickly enough to stop what is probably the last big surge. Many more will die before the pandemic will end its grip on our country and the world.

J&J Vaccine headed for quick approval with 4 million doses ready to ship.

The johnson and Johnson COVID vaccine is 100% in preventing a case of COVID bad enough to require hospitalization. In other words the one-shot vaccine, which is known to be effective against the South African mutation of COVID, does not require special handling and doesn't require a second or booster injection.

The J&J version is expected to get fast emergency use approval adding a third vaccine to the approved U.S. COVID tools.

Jefferson Co had low turn out for free COVID testing, no plans for another event

Vaccine second dose warnings

Important things to know before you take your second dose.

Any side effects are very likely to be worse than you experienced from the first dose. Not dangerous, just unpleasant.

DO NOT pre-emptively take an NSAID pain reliever before the shot. it is OK after the shot.

DO NOT take any other vaccine around the same time (flu, etc.) because doctors don't know whether or not it is safe. Also, if you have any reaction doctors can't tell which vaccine caused it.



Vaccine deliveries not critical for second dose.

There are many shipping delays for the vaccines all due to weather. If you had the first and are worried about delaying the second, the Pfizer vaccine is 85%+ effective three weeks after the first dose. While it is important to get the second one to have more protection against all the various strains, missing it by a few weeks won't be a danger.

HS level hacker training from CMU - pico CTF

A gigantic job of the future is cybersecurity and learning to find Zero Day vulnerabilities. CMU, the world's top hacker community presents a beginner high school-level Capture the Flag contest which will lead you to NSA-level hacking skills Pico CTF . Auto-didactic training 

I have been a guest speaker at two Summercon's

Learn Python.


For those not aware this is white hat hacking, good hacking - police catch crooks by learning how crooks steal. picoCTF is a yearly contest.

BTW, the CMU hacker team broke RSA in 2003. For those who don't know, that's incredibly important since EVERYONE relies on RSA.

(IF you are interested in advanced computer skills, I am currently working on learning the latest quantum programming language - please contact me.)

How safe is your water? Small FL water system recently poisoned by hacker.

Small water systems use remote access so one or two engineers can monitor and control 4-5 systems daily because they don’t have enough work for a full-time engineer.

Just before the Super Bowl Oldsmar, a small town near Tampa, was attacked and a hacker raised the level of lye (NaOH) to a poisonous level - 1000x normal.

An engineer happened to see what was happening and stopped it otherwise there would have been many illnesses and probably deaths, especially children who, in a hot climate would be drinking a lot of iced water or mixes.

How safe is your town water system?

Russia has been regularly infiltrating water, sewer, power, and even cell phone systems for decades.

I have requested information/comments from the PAW system concerning cyber safety.

“$486,000 project to begin on Adrian Road in Young Township on May 15

Punxsutawney, Pa. (May 14, 2020) – Pennsylvania American Water announced today the start of construction to replace approximately 2,700 feet of aging water main in Young Township, Jefferson County. The approximately $486,000 upgrade also includes the replacement of three fire hydrants.

“This year, we are investing approximately $1.6 million to replace aging pipeline in our Punxsutawney system to help ensure reliable water service and fire protection for our customers for years to come,” said Pennsylvania American Water Senior Manager of Operations, Jon Natale.“ https://www.amwater.com/press-room/press-releases/pennsylvania/pennsylvania-american-water-announces-16-million-in-punxsutawneysystem-upgrades

New COVID strains much more deadly.

The first congressman has died of COVID - he obviously had the best medical care available anywhere. The UK COVID varient spreads 2-3X easier/faster than the original and is 35% more likely to result in death. Of course if you think it is a hoax you won't die of COVID, but you'll still suffer terribly for a few weeks and eventually die. A virus doesn't care if you believe in it. If you can get vaccinated or simply avoid contact then you will be helping stop the mutations which are turning more deadly by the week. But if the virus doesn't spread there will be no new mutations which may not be covered by the vaccines.

2020 Income Tax, file early to prevent theft - bigger deductions this year

Filing early is the best way to prevent identity theft and someone stealing your refund - even if you don't have one comming they can make giant deduction claims and steal your money anyway.

Standared deduction is now $12,400 for singles, up from $12,200, and $24,800 for married joint filers.

Teachers and some others can automatically deduct for special COVID expenses. 

The stimulus checks in 2020 were NOT early tax refunds, they were a federal tax credit like child tax credit only paid our in advance - they are NOT reportable income.

January 4, 2021 IRS: “the (stimulous) payment is not income and taxpayers will not owe tax on it. The payment will not reduce a taxpayer's refund or increase the amount they owe when they file their 2020 or 2021 tax return next year." If you are older treat it like SS and unless you make enough to have an accountant you don't even report it.

Library Director Jen Soliday told 15767.com that directors were meeting to look at how the library could open up more.

Citing the obvious fact that COVID has disrupted many things, including the library, she told your reporter that in a few weeks she expects to be able to outline "opening this library a little more in the next two weeks." We expect to report on this when new guidelines are available.

Animals including dogs and cats can catch COVID

This is rare, only three or four confirmed cases in PA but if your pet starts showing signs such as developing a cough - it can pass COVID to others so warn your Vet before a visit, although the is really nothing they can do and most animals don't get very ill so a visit can probably wait for a few weeks.

Ransomware (encrypting a business or govt. database and holding it hostage) is common even in small communities.

If you are in govt. or work for a company large enough to have a database ssytem you might want to pass along this latest ransomware warning.


COVID vaccine facts. ANY Vaccine will save your life.

When you hear that the new one shot J&J vaccine is only 65% effective you need to remember it is 99.9% effective in keeping you out of the hospital and alive. Think of it like this, there is a ⅔ chance you won’t even catch COVID and 999/1000 chance you will only have mild symptoms at worst. J&J also takes full effect a month sooner than the two shot variants. Instead of serious lung damage you essentially have a mild case of flu, not a case of DEATH. Wear the damn mask, take the damn vaccine, save grandmaw, save your disabled neighbor, save your job, save the country!

Is college a massive con by a proven fradulent system? For many it is the worst investment you'll ever make.

60% of EMPLOYED college graduates are NOT working in the field they studied. The average student debt is $30,000 with many borrowing $50K or more and takes decades to pay off trapping them in debt FOR PUBLIC schools. Private Universities and other top schools cost far more.

A UNESCO study found rampant fraud, abuse, and waste in University businesses. For example, many college presidents make salaries equal to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies with sports coaches earning millions. That money all comes from govt. research AND student fees.

Unless you are entering a profession you don't need a college degree. If you're going to be an engineer or scientist then you need college AND get great paying jobs. If you study art history, get a real job and study art nights and weekends - eating real food, owning new cars, and not living in your parent's basement. Not being deep in debt means you can vacation at The Louve. 

Highly misleading vaccination numbers being used.

COVID is dangerous. You need to wear a mask to protect yourself and others. New mutations are here already because we didn't get it under control soon enough. HOWEVER the 21 million vaccinations given number is highly misleading. Yes only 6 million have had two doses, 21 million have had one dose and have some protection but the number protected from COVID is actually about 100 million.

25 million were certified infected which means in a hospital with a special test. Actual number infected was 3-5 times MORE. 

If you had and survived COVID you are as immune as the best vaccine so about 100 million are ALREAY protected.

Don't be the last person to die of COVID, protect yourself, especially since children are now being severely damaged by the new strains.

New attention to climate change. Amazon Prime members can read my book for free.

Volume I of my climate change series skips over blame and even how we can fight climate change. Instead I look at how you can protect your family and your finances from the inevitable climate change disaster. Central PA is only going to see some changes in planting and harvesting along with pressure from people fleeing moving coast lines.

People are getting 30 year mortgages on coastal properties which will be under water in 25 years bankrupting them and the local banks giving mortgages.

"Preparing for Climate Change: Coastal flooding will cost the U.S. billions of dollars within two decades."paperback second editionhttps://www.amazon.com/dp/1082060615   or ebook https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07TYTG6ZC

Groundhog Day 2021 cancelled as far as visitors go

The Groundhog Club has announced that there will be no public events this coming year but the shadow viewing itself will be televised. I have no further information because the club absolutely refuses to communicate with me - not just failing to cooperate with my Kindle guide to GHD, but actually refusing any information. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B083NZ98JJ

FedX no longer reliable because they are using contract trucking companies not regular authorized employees.

Recently with a dusting of snow drivers refused to attempt delivery two days in a row. It was critical being furnace parts. After investigating I learned it wasn't real FedX drivers but some company I had never heard of. It certainly isn't easy to get through to the company but when I did the dispatcher in DuBois was extremely helpful spending a lot of time getting the package delivered finally. The problem, of course, is that I can no longer trust FedX because their carefully investiaged drivers may not be carrying the packages. Trust at your own risk.


Medical journal results on COVID treatments open access

"Safety and Immunogenicity of Two RNA-Based Covid-19 Vaccine Candidates"


"Remdesivir for the Treatment of Covid-19 — Final Report"



if you are still favoring Hydroxy (Which President Trump DIDN'T take, just suggested YOU take):

"Effect of Hydroxychloroquine in Hospitalized Patients with Covid-19"


Hint, it doesn't do anything but cause heart problems for some people.

Shop with amazon smile, donate to Punxy Hospital

USE the Smile.Amacon.com option and 5% of your purchase goes to charity - we use the Punxsutawney Hospital. Costs you nothing more, pick a charity and get shopping

The Worried Little Puppy children's book 8x11 inches or kindle

Our latest book is a children's book featuring real photographs instead of the usual drawings. "The Tale of a Worried Little Puppy"

$2.99 kindle, $6.99 in paperback.

A children’s book about tolerance and how a little puppy worries about finding a home because she is different.

She doesn’t know why she is different and on the last page we learn she was born without a tail so she can’t wag her tail to tell others she is friendly.

Along the way she makes new friends with very different looking dogs and other animals, finds a happy home, but never learns why her brothers used to make fun of her.

She is never neglected, never in danger, and never really frightened, just worried so there is nothing to frighten even the youngest child..

Visitors guide to Groundhog Day

My GHD book is free to download today (Sat.) since all the same places are still there in the Summer. Visitor's guide to Groundhog Day (best as an ebook) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B083NZ98JJ

Journalism can be dangerous even out in rural areas

We get threats daily and I know some are serious because they come from people who think it is OK to risk other lives by not wearing a mask 

An Amazon package (food) was delivered by tossing it on the ground next to a puddle. Close to an open but covered porch and a cart with a large sign "please place packages in this cart." Apparently the driver hasn't noticed or didn't care it was raining off and on. No damage, although the box was getting soaked.

I get threats on social media - this probably, PROBABLY wasn't connected but we have to be concerned whether a USPS driver doesn't know it is raining, or if someone tampered with it after delivery.

1 sentence news (mostly)

COVID-19 cases are increasing on many counties but no drastic surge, YET.


Mayor Alexander says the Rebel flag flown on private property near the police station has been removed.


The car show at Carlisle is being asked to close because having 100,000 people gathering at the small venue, even an outdoor car show, is considered very dangerous by the Department of Health. On TV the spokesperson and a number of vendors are shown not wearing masks even though doctors say they should be mandatory because you are 5 times less likely to catch or pass along COVID wearing a mask.


Supreme Court 6 to 3, lead by Trump conservative justice Gorsuch, said today (6/15/2020) you can not discriminate against LGBTQ


LATEST COVID NEWS, It appears masks aren't enough, you can catch this through aerosol droplets striking your eyes.


A resurgence of the first phase of the pandemic has begun with states opening recently now showing massive infection numbers. Arizona is out of ICU space already.


We are now in the first wave and only New York City has crossed the top to start down.Everyone else, EVERYONE including PA is likely to be hit hard with 180,000 dead by September, and likely another wave much worse unless we all wear masks all the time out of our homes.


Massive hack of Nintendo Switch - Change your password NOW.


COVID-19 cases surging in 22 states. ERs packed, ICUs almost full in Las Vegas and 10 other cities.


Most platients in the ICU are so Vitamin C deficient that they technically have scurvey. C is consumed rapidly when the body fights an infection.

Possibile vaccine by end of this year.

still no response from Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce won't respond to me, I want to know if they have looked at the financial risk to vendors if they go ahead with the July event and people don't come out of fear of COVID (whether or not it really is dangerous. I probably wouldn;t be as annoyed if I didn't used to pay dues to the CoC.

That's happened on the Jersey Shore, businesses got ready, paid staff, opened up, and almost no one came except the kids with the least money to spend.


Physical library - 10,000 books. Online Library 2,000,000, archive.org

I used to support libraries but they are becoming obsolete with so many millions of books avaiable for free online and even audio books on You tube.

You KNOW Amazon will have that book you want. If it is a classic Archive.org has it.

I donated 100+ technology books to IUP library decades ago and they were well received.

But when I donated the books I personally wrote to the Punxsy PUBLIC Library they were discarded - that was a while ago and fortunately today there are millions of books and movies online free skip the middleman.

There was even a recent Australian academic study which determined that most physical libraries would close and librarian was a dead end career path with almost no job openings by the end of the century. This was a study about the top 10 worst career paths for the next two decades.

USA TODAY called Librarian one of the top 8 dead end careers. https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/careers/2017/10/13/8-jobs-that-wont-exist-in-2030/104219994/

I currently have about 11,000 volumes in my personal library and weekly issues of Science and Nature, along with some first editions but I am not enthusiastic about donating them now that social distancing will be vital for years if we want; to stay healthy.

This is especially so since there is so much free online.

Check the FREE on Internet link at the top of the page. Boost the internet. How much would it cost to have all of downtown on WiFi? What's the Library budget?




Do you have relatives who are isolated or just far away? Have you tried video conferencing? It sounds complicated but it you are reading this then you probably already have VC software on your device. At most if you have a Personal Computer you already have or can download Skype for free and if it is a laptop then it already has a microphone and probably a camera. 

You don't need to risk your health going to some building to video conference.a

If it is an old PC, a good combination camera and microphone will cost about  $15 at Amazon or Walmart (you can get them delivered).

You can also make phone calls to regular tgelephones using Skype and not turn on the camera.

For a few dollars a month you can make unlimited video or plain phone calls in the US and Canada using your computer, tablet, Kindle, or other device which accesses the internet.

Google also has a free video conferencing application.

Zoom also works for free but is better for IM or instant messaging

Skype and is generally better for arranging a family phone/video call such as a weekly meeting to cheer up an elderly family member or a birthparty, or even a holiday.

Skype is Microsoft program so is found on most PCs from the factory and all Skype to Skype calls are free - I talk with my editor in Australia via Skype. You only need to pay something if you call a regular phone from skype - you can also get a phone number for Skype so home or business phones can call you directly like a regular telephone.





Rebel Flag Removed From Near Civic Center

Punxsutawney Mayor Richard Alexander told this reporter that the rebel (confederate battle flag) which was on a house next to the Police station was recently removed. He provided no further details but it is easy understand that he must be incredibly busy trying to deal not only with the normal problems but also the threat of a pandemic which has so far spared us here in west central PA but still must be planned for.

COVID Cases surge in VT after they did real testing. PA doesn't report probable cases

The reason PA and probably Jefferson Co. aren't reporting high numbers is simple.Turns out they are only reporting positive lab tests.They aren't reporting probable cases so no one is being tested if they are non-symptomatic. When Vermont did a big test after Memorial day they found 60 new cases in one day in one group. WHO made a mistake yesterday, asymptomatic people CANspread the virus fairly quickly. Oh, BTW, the tests aren't very accurate anyway, some miss half the infections, the best misses 10-20%

A number of the hot states do report probable cases, but many, including many which are reported as having declining cases do NOT fully report.

Dr. Fauci is in a complete panic, today he called it his "worst neightmare" and that is the guy who managed ebola and MERS.

Law and Order President Defunds Local Police Departments.

While saying he opposes cuts, President Trump is actually defunding police depts, RIGHT NOW. Trump and the Senate are refusing emergency funds to hard hit states. Hard hit states cut budgets of police, fire, EMS, etc. Therefore the law and order President is NOW defunding police directly.

No reply from chamber of commerce What if COVID is hot in Pittsburgh or Philly?

I've requested any planning information for events this summer including changes or possible changes due to the pandemic. Although I used to be a member of The Chamber of Commerce they haven't replied yet so no official updates. The last update on the summer festival plans was a GO signal from the CoC on 5/29 and no information about what happens if there is a surge in COVID cases as expected by every expert in the world.

What I wanted to ask the Chamber was if they knew approximately how many people attended the festival who are from cities or even out of state.

That matters because although we have been spared COVID to a large extent here In the past I've interviewed a lot of people at the festival who weren't local.

There is nothing magical about this area, we were spared because we had few infected out of state visitors.

If we have few or no cases in Jefferson County, it will still matter whether COVID is active in Pittsburgh, NY, NJ, MD, or other places where the visitors may have contracted and are carrying COVID to our rural location.In fact, does it matter at all whether we have no local cases if we are holding a big event that draws tourists from distant locations?

No news from local govt.

Just so you know, this site is NOT ignoring what is planned for Punxsutawney and the area, I've made multiple attempts to get comments or news from the local government with no response yet.

BREAKING NEWS 10:30a.m. Monday, 6/8 CNB Main Office Closes

The Clearfield main office of CNB is temporarily closed. The bank says to use branches. I am attempting to clarify the reason for this one office closing.

As of 5 p.m. (6/8) we had not recieved any response from CNB.

Small Business spending limits on the PPPF act eases pressure to repay

On June 5, President Trump signed the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act of 2020. The Act provides greater flexibility to restaurants, hotels, and other small businesses to use Federal Government loans under the Paycheck Protection Program to pay for payroll, employee benefits and other expenses while weathering the coronavirus outbreak.


When you see the terrible economic cost of shutting down, consider the cost if we hadn't. Experts project an additional 60 million cases. 

Excerpt from my pandemic aftermath book:

By June The United States economy just lost between 15 and 30 trillion dollars, more than 100,000 dead (40 thousand in nursing homes alone). 45 percent of the 2019 jobs are gone forever, and 15 entire job categories (including bank tellers, librarians, telemarketers, cab drivers, even commercial fishermen) will essentially disappear within a decade - a change only accelerated, not caused by the pandemic.

For those who survive COVID-19 but had been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit in a U.S. hospital, the average ICU stay as of May was 14 days - or $93,338 without intubation and $151,116 PLUS doctor and specialist bills if they were on a ventilator

4-Star Gen. Once in Overall Command Afghanistan Fears for The Republic

Gen. John Allen warns that politicisation of the military could be the beginning of the end of 'the American experiment'. After President Trump brandished a bible as a weapon (to the horror of the church's Bishop) and vowed to use active duty military against U.S. citizens, the retired general wrote in an op-ed for Foreign Policy that "to even the casual observer, Monday was awful for the United States and its democracy."

My next book, "Life After a Pandemic" is now published

The 72 page paper back edition is available now and the $4.69 ebook version, which I recommend due to the live links and frequent updates, will publish June 1. Available through Amazon or bookstores.


The ebook which works on any device or computer is now available and I recommend the less expensive ebook because it includes scores of live links to the government reports as well as periodic updates so it is always fresh.

Using Aldi with their delivery service, excellent experience

Whether because of the pandemic or just to avoid the trip to town we have been using Aldi's delivery service, just go the the local Aldi store online.

This week we had Julie Hall as our shopper. She did a great job communicating about items which weren't available and any options.

You can IM your shopper while they are in the store getting your items but everything isn't always in stock.

Thanks again Julie, your service in these rough times is appreciated.

Which Flu Mask Should I buy to protect my family?

A major study found that the expensive N95 masks are no more effective than cheaper medical masks used by doctors in surgery. With N95 masks now in short supply and priced out of the reach of average people it is good to know that if any mask will protect you then the cheaper ones work just as well for a virus. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/09/190903134732.htm

99% effective shingles vaccine at Medicine Shoppe for those who ordered it

Those who have ordered and reserved a dose of the shingles vaccine should contact The Medicine Shoppe office where the order was placed. on 2/20/ I was informed by the head pharmacist that a limited shipment had been received. He asked that those who haven't ordered the vaccine quite a while ago not call - THERE ARE NO EXTRA DOSES and therefore none for walk-ins..



Quick review - Biggie's Quality Meat (119 between Punxy and DuBois) Great service, terrific meat, try the leek sausage! WARNING, closed Mondays, despite schedule on some of their web site (e.g. Value Packs).



For Sale by John McCormick, Hamilton. Contact pressone@gmail.com

Automotive tools as a set - sheet metal shrinker stretcher (Eastwood), air chisel, QSA Torsion Unloading tool Compatible with MANY GMC/Chevy Applications, 7-inch grinder, 5-inch rotating vice, heavy duty 2T Sears jack, air tools - straight line sander, orbital sander, ¾ in impact wrench, 8 car wheel dollies move car or trucks on concrete floors. list $850, asking $500

Snap-on truck king pin press (not hydraulic) heavy (abt 60 lbs.) anvil, 3/4 and drive socket set. $150.  

Celestron C5 1250mm spotting scope like new with custom foam case, spotting scope, AND $150 corrector Celestron Reducer / Corrector f/6.3. #94175 Creates flat field, increases F to f/6.3 and cuts focal length. list price $660 ($550+$110 for flat field lens) asking $500  (link to item on amazon)  


..........There is more to Punxsutawney than a royal rodent, this is quintessential small town America.........

NEWS and REVIEWS Without Fear or Favor

Ever wonder what your child's favorite (or least favorite) teacher makes?

It is a public record, just go here.

Courtesy York Daily Record


Just enter district name and county for full list.

That includes Punxsutawney, DuBois, Purchase Line, etc, every public school in the state.


BTW, if your young student or an older adult wants a world class education for free or just some tutorials, check out Kahn Academy. K through college for free.


Is ASPCA really helping animals, or helping themselves?

CEO salary for 2018? $852,231 according to Animals 24-7.org "At the end of 2017, the ASPCA claimed $273 million in assets. Chief executive Matthew Bershadker took home $804,372 in pay for the year, including a bonus of $276,000, and received benefits of $47,859, for total compensation of $852,231."

$56 Million is spent on those tear jerking TV ads yearly.

I donate directly to local shelters - used to own and run one myself. 


Former excellent County Market now Shop 'n Save rapidly falling standards.

It is obvious enough that there is trouble here because they cut hours drastically (which is fine with me, no one here shops at 1 am.) but they are also advertising for new employees, you might think that all those from night shift would just move to day shift. 

Unfortunately the quality control is also failing rapidly 

NEW Sept. 25 I bought a pork loin, nice quality, cheap, perfect. Unfortunately, also bought several bags of potatoes and when I reached into the first bag I got a handfull of slime from a totally rotten potato. An unpleasant experience to say the least and powerful indication of poor quality control. In two decades previous that never happened once in that store.

The produce quality has plunged. back a few months ago I bought 2 bags of Sunkist lemons on Thursday 5/3, one bag was OK, the other had 5 rotten lemons. I bought 2 cauliflower, one was OK, the other was badly rotted, not just the minor surface black fungus you often see, but black liquid rot to the center, but not visible because of the wrap. Others should post, was this just my bad luck that half the produce I bought was spoiled?

Since buying chicken breasts a few months ago and finding them slimy I no longer buy any meat which I think was cut and packaged at this store.

Not just my opinion (although I did work with Julia Child and grew up in a hotel run by my parents) slimy chicken is spoiled chicken.

I try them occasionally in case of improvement but have been disappointed every single time. I mostly shop at Aldi and Walmart now.